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About The Show

The X factor is a reality television singing competition which was created by Simon Cowell and is produced by no company other than Syco TV. The show is expected to kick start proceedings in September 2011 in the United States. The competition has various differences when compared to that of its competitors which includes American Idol among various others. The competition has no specific age limit to participate which allows singers from all age groups to show case their talent. The judges are assigned different categories each which goes as follows, girls or boys under the age of 25, individuals over the age of 25 or groups. Some of these groups are incidentally formed after they are selected in the auditions.

The stages of the competition is essentially divided into five of which the first one is the producer’s audition. The producer’s audition does not get aired in television at all, however this is the one that decides which one of these contestants will sing in front of the judges. The next one is called the judge’s audition which is followed by the boot camp and then comes the visits to the judge’s houses after which is the final, the live show. The show is primarily obsessed with identifying the right singing talent, and it often is based entirely on the some of the factors that they show. These include the talent in singing, their appearance, personality, stage presence, and dance routines. All through the show the judges are mentors and giving their tips and tricks of the trade to the participants in the show to showcase their talent better. This helps in the contestant fine tuning their skills better and makes them perform better too on stage. The winner of the contest wins a contract with Sony for a whopping 5 million dollars. This money is paid in 5 instalments of $1 million dollars a month. In bits and pieces of news that is coming out, the prize money is said to be a record sum that is offered to the winner.

The level of expectation is at an all time high about what it has in store, and people are hungry for the latest X Factor USA news as they keep searching frantically online. There has been a lot of talk about the show itself, who will be hosting, and who the judges will be. With the type of excitement that the American Idol brought into the lives of millions of Americans in the past, many people simply can’t wait to see if the X factor will be able to yield the same type of buzz. If you are an aspiring person to trying to become a personality then you have all the right to be excited. If you are in LA then it gives you more reasons to be excited as it gives you the opportunity to try to compete for a place in the panel of contestants. Simon Cowell who is the creator of this television series will sure be as anxious as the rest of us as with the expectation he would like the entire team to put up a good show.