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X Factor USA Willow Smith performs Fireball

Willow Smith; the 11 year old performer is better known as a singer, actor, a role model and an all rounder super star. It is certain that in her small age she has in fact managed to achieve what most people might not be able to achieve in their complete life span. The X factor team managed to spend some time with this young star, moments before she was ready for her performance. It is certain that there are a […]

On Nov - 10 - 2011 9 Comments 3,517 views READ FULL POST
X Factor USA Perez Hilton

As for X Factor, it is certain that the finals are nearing. For a number of contestants and fans it is certain that they can have all the excitement of watching it Live over their television. This is one of the factors that drives most people crazy. And so this is one of the reasons why most people are looking around for partying before the show begins. You also have an opportunity to get connected to X Factor via Live […]

On Oct - 25 - 2011 1 Comment 1,450 views READ FULL POST
x factor USA Brian 'Astro' Bradley

The 15 year old Astro kid – Brain Bradley, certainly is known for his very unique style for rap music. He has managed to reach to the top 17 round at X factor USA. Bradley is a native of Brooklyn, a well known city in Brownsville and has a great passion for Kanye West music and songs and at the same time also enjoys Fuzzy fruits like nectarines and Peach. The X Factor team had approached Bradley after his selection […]

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x factor usa Dexter Haygood

Dexter Haygood certainly is one of the names that has been in X Factor news for a time, since the last audition rounds. Dexter has managed to survive the competitive auditions last week and the grueling comments of the judges, and now for him one of the most difficult task is to try and overcome his life at the Skid row. So the moment Dexter Haygood, who is 49 years of age and a rock singer from Oregon, Portland, has […]

On Oct - 22 - 2011 5 Comments 2,255 views READ FULL POST
x factor usa Simone Battle

Simone Battle certainly is considered as a contestant who has every thing that it takes to be a good X factor for this year. She certainly has a very pretty smile, a gentle looks, nice voice and above all a perfect nature. Apart from this she is also a very smart girl who is very much talented. She aims to get back to her school to complete her education, the moment she wins the X Factor $ 5 million prize […]

On Oct - 22 - 2011 1 Comment 2,620 views READ FULL POST