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Things were trully shaken up on last nights X Factor USA, with a this weeks elimination not following the past two weeks trend. Paula Abdul was relieved to hear Steve Jones call out Lakoda Rayne’s name to ensure they perform next week. Rihanna performed during the the elimiation procedure coming out of cage to her new hit single ‘We Found Love”. Onto the elimiation the bottom two were Astro and Stacy Francis, both performed well with Astro performing his own […]

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X Factor USA Stereo Hogzz

In the last event at the X Factor USA there were two different groups that were voted for bottom two position – Stereo Hogzz and Lakoda Rayne simply waited for the judges to decide their fate, while their Mentor, Paula Abdul was simply left speechless. It was also certain that Paula had to face this and she could not have been blamed for this. The two groups belonged to Paula Abdul and both the groups were facing elimination round in […]

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X Factor USA Christa Collins

The Journey for some average talent comes to an end The fact is that with nearly half of the episodes of The X Factor telecasted till date, it is certain that for a number of talented people the Journey has come to an end. The show was very much successful as most of the participants have certainly performed their best as compared to others. As the show had only 17 places up for grabs, it is certain that making the […]

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The moment you watch any episode of the X factor, it is certain that you might find it very much touching. The fact is that in the X Factor USA, most acts are there because they want to stay at the top. Many contestants had put in all their efforts to sing good song. Today the episodes have reached its peak and it is certain that to stay in the top position, most acts have to face tough competition. Apart […]

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x factor USA bootcamp

The final Bootcamp report on The X factor USA With the end of the auditions for The X Factor, only 150 out of thousands of entries have managed to reach the top of the list. You need to keep in mind that if you feel that auditions for the X factor selections were very much tough then it is certain that you can expect the competition to get more tough with time. Bootcamp certainly is regarded as the performance pressure […]

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