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Dexter Haygood certainly is one of the names that has been in X Factor news for a time, since the last audition rounds. Dexter has managed to survive the competitive auditions last week and the grueling comments of the judges, and now for him one of the most difficult task is to try and overcome his life at the Skid row. So the moment Dexter Haygood, who is 49 years of age and a rock singer from Oregon, Portland, has made very special plans for his life and the $5 million in cash, if he manages to win the show of X factor. When asked, Dexter Haygood certainly had complete picture of his plans on his mind. This is what Dexter Haygood had to say about his plan to make use of His $5 million for the X Factor team.

On being asked about his very guilt pleasure, Dexter made a comment that he had special craving for Chocolate and Junk food like Chips. He also admitted that in particular he was very much fond of junk food. The moment he was asked about his favorite song that triggers his emotions he had a very remarkable statement about it. He also sang some favorite lines that had the power to bring him down to tears. Dexter Haygood had a little to speak about his hobbies as his main hobby was to try and avoid crazy women. He also made it straight that earlier he had a number of hobbies but in present time he was more attracted to listening music. Apart from this composing some of the best songs is also his favorite hobby.

The X Factor team also asked him about his plan for $ 5 million and this is what he had to say……”I certainly am going to make best use of this money as I am planning to use it to help feed people who are homeless…….. just like me”.

usxfactor.com On October - 22 - 2011




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  • parvati

    i love dexter!!! he is awesome. hope he wins

  • Trisia

    I love Dexter, and if he doesn’t win I hope pray someone gives him a job. He says he homeless and I hate to see such great talent go to waste. Good Luck Dexter!!!

  • vanessa

    He has great talent,he deserves an opportunity to a different life.
    or unless someone that help him to keep his faith. he is really cool.

  • Ana Caroline


  • ashley

    well he is good love it