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When creating fabulous show like The X factor, it is certain that you need to put in a lot of efforts. The show is also considered as one of the best blends of all three factors – lights, camera and audiences.

As the live telecast of the show shall be launched from 25th October, it is certain that the production team needs to put in all their efforts. The show is all about hunting some of the best talents across the USA. This means that they shall have to look into different areas including dancers and singers.

The show was open for the audiences for the first time on 29th September and a number of audiences were gathered for the auditions for songs and dance. There were a number of younger talents that people got to see participating in the XFactor. The fact is that to participate in these events a number of people managed to travel to the audition hall from across the US. People like Amy Boyes had in fact moved to US nearly 3 to 4 years back with an aim to seek career as a dancer in US. Such people always feel that the X factor certainly is one of the best shows that have ever been introduced in the US.

Apart from this a number of other hopefuls are from other parts of US like Columbus and LA. A number of people made a comment that they certainly have the passion of performing on X Factor in front of US audiences. The fact is that X factor offers people with a chance to show their talent on the Live platform. Brandy also feels that the show has managed to motivate a number of people to offer with their best performance of the talent. There were a number of younger participants who have been practicing to develop their talent since the age of two like Darina Littleton, who also works as a professional dancer and is a college graduate. A number of people also drove to the audition hall from far off place like Arizona, with an aim that their folks back at home might in fact be very much proud after seeing their performance on X Factor USA.

Contestants from the auditions also felt that during the auditions they feel nervous and there are chances that they might even mess up the entire audition. A Japanese performer Ai could not make it to the selections but felt that the auditions were really cool. May contestants were surprised to have their first auditions with Brain Friedman, who is also very famous choreographer for some of the famous celebrities like Beyonce, Mariah and Britney. Apart from this you certainly might also get to see a number of other directors who are creative. These are a few of the elements that make the X factor very much exciting.

There are a number of contestants who managed to make it to the selection on the X Factor and feel like they are already superstars of the century. This is one of the best shows that makes all your dreams come true. You certainly can see the performances of some of the best contestants Here!

usxfactor.com On October - 4 - 2011
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