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Get Your Free X Factor App Now

You certainly have the chance of enjoying the X Factor, where ever you go!

There certainly are a number of people around the globe who might have missed a few of the best moments from the X Factor show. It is certain that there are a number of people from the audiences who are always interested in watching the parts of the show at their convenience.

It is also certain that a number of people around the globe are also fascinated by the X Factor show and so they decided to carry the complete show with them in their pockets.

You need to keep in mind that in present time it certainly is possible for any one to carry the X factor along with them where ever they are planning to go.

The moment you log on to the X Factor apps it is certain that you get to go through the complete scoop of the show in details. You have the convenience of viewing related videos, news and latest happenings on the X Factor auditions. Apart from this you can also get to browse through the Judges Bios, Live feeds by some of the best fans from around the globe and audition videos.

Apart from this you also have an option of chatting live with a number of X Factor fans at the official website. This can also be done the moment you are watching the show live on your television. Some of the newest features that can be added in the near future include second screen options, original sound track videos and downloads. It is certain that you can get updated with latest happenings of the show.

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usxfactor.com On September - 29 - 2011
  • Sypprice

    Chris Rene.. what an ispiration for a life changing experience… You Go and May God bless you and you be true to thy self.. Thank you for sharing your heart. You Got My Vote,,.Sophia

  • Charisseevans44


  • mariamakargbo

    can i be the fifth judge please