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Famous Hollywood star Simon Cowell is reportedly looking for the replacements for himself, and Cheryl Cole, and Dannii Minogue. A rumor is circulating on the air that the “The Only Way Is Essex” stars like Amy Childs or Gemma Collins or even Mark Wright may be the replacements.

“The Only Way Is Essex” stars like Mark Wright, and Lauren Goodger, and Amy Childs or Gemma Collins are not necessarily music experts. Still according to the statement of Simon Cowell, they can reckon as they could represent efficiently the audiences of the show. Even they could represent themselves much better than the big Hollywood star celebrity like Kelly Rowland could and even they would be the ideal for the replacement of Cheryl Cole, and Simon Cowell or Dannii Minogue on the television reality show “The X Factor.

Cowell also thinks that they feel quite strongly that indeed the average Joe Martyn off the street eventually should be the ideal replacement judge. He also added that just like how Chantelle Houghton entered into the Celebrity Big Brother house, they cannot have so much ordinary member of the general people on the judges’ panel. Therefore the next probable best thing would surely be one of our more down to the earth celebrities, which may include the celebrities even like Josie Gibson. The famous TV reality show “The X Factor” is just about what the common public wants at the end of the day. Even sometimes, it has how a big name can stupidly make crazy music choices for their loving contestants. It often costs the contestants when they eventually lose their most wanted public vote. It had the evidence that even a contestant like Olly Murs was just at the bottom two in one week when her mentor popular Hollywood singing star Simon made the poor song choice.

The cast and crew of the “The Only Way Is Essex” are eventually out partying the most nights and they reportedly no doubt shake most of their stuffs to their latest composed songs. The one of the most common touches is being one of the girls or the people on a party night out that eventually make the organizer of the show think they could seriously give the honorable judges like the popular Hollywood music composer Louis Walsh a rush for his money.

The popular Hollywood celebrity Amy Child is in fact becoming a bit of the nation’s sweetheart so they reckon. Therefore she would be the perfect and as well as the ideal choice for the replacement of Cheryl Cole. She could even easily motivate her contestants. Kelly Rowland, the famous Hollywood pop music singer is apparently miffed with the remark, made by another popular Hollywood celebrity Simon Cowell; she could not be able to attract so many crowds to the show. In the recent times all, the rumors that are circulating on the air over the replacement in Essex X factor show become the most crowd attention grabbing news.

usxfactor.com On May - 24 - 2011