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Simon Cowell is one of the most talked about persons on the Social networking website Facebook. There are talks that he has managed to introduce a new system of voting for a number of X factor USA fans in fans in US and UK. They fans shall be ale to place their votes later the moment X factor USA launches its series.

When speaking of UK, the very concept works on the basis of credit system, where most of the fans of the show are in fact allowed to purchase their personal credits that shall help them in placing their votes for any contestants or events. But in US, where there is a law that viewers of the show are in fact not allowed to purchase the votes- so it is certain that viewers might have to try and make use of best apps, or by being able to express their love for some of their best contestants on the web page.

There was also a statement made by the source that there are a number of details that are being worked out, but most of the viewers are very much excited at the moment. As far as Simon’s point of view is concerned, the entire system of voting certainly might offer with lots of ease to millions of fans. When speaking of face book it is certain that they might millions of new users who are willing to join and cast their votes online. When looking at the past records it is certain that nearly 15 millions of fans managed to place their votes for final during 2010 event and at present there are already 550 million online users who are signed up with Facebook.

“During the Live telecast of the event millions of people manage to place their votes on the website every minute. There are a number of contestants who receive a number of positive votes for their performances and a number of fans also share their best moments about the show. In present time TV is interacting with Networking sites regularly. This certainly does take the media to an entire new levels. “

Fox and ITV certainly are doing their best as far as security measures are concerned related to the facebook website, but there are chances that the implementation could in fact revolutionize the way people vote for their best performers. So what would you prefer – sticking to the traditional system or the new voting system?

usxfactor.com On February - 24 - 2011
  • Patty

    The talent on XFactor is amazing. Everyone is so talented it will be difficult to people to vote for just one. I have enjoyed all the performances and truly enjoyed seeing the contestants get better and better!

  • Stephaniebloomfield

    can the british public vote for the usa x factor josh krajcik is the winner by miles extra factor voice omg love it

  • http://twitter.com/TolulekeIlori Toluleke Ilori

    I would so vote for Melanie to be the winner.To me i think that performance cost more than 50 million.Melanie all of us from Nigeria say good luck.