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As for X Factor, it is certain that the finals are nearing. For a number of contestants and fans it is certain that they can have all the excitement of watching it Live over their television. This is one of the factors that drives most people crazy. And so this is one of the reasons why most people are looking around for partying before the show begins. You also have an opportunity to get connected to X Factor via Live Pre-show which provides you with complete details of the show and Behind the scene acts of judges and contestants.

This also means that with Pre-show Live it is possible for most fans to see what they are not able to see Live on television. At least an hour before the telecast of the show, The X factor telecast the Live pre-show event for its fans where they can view the interviews and performances of various judges and hosts. The moment you log on to the Xfactorusa then you certainly can go through the interviews of the team with each of the judge and participants.

Apart from this you can also try and go through the final footage of the last show. Apart from this the X Factor team also ensures that they are joined by special Pundit every week. So if you are watching this Live Pre-XFactor show this week then it is certain that you might get to see your favorite celebrity – Perez Hilton! One of the best parts is that this show is designed to make YOU a part of the event so you can try and reach the X Factor team online over Skype. Apart from this you can also try and offer the team with your Twitter comments for celebrities, judges and contestants. So the moment you are a part of the Pre-Show then it is certain that you might get to know the show much better than others.

usxfactor.com On October - 25 - 2011




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  • Charles Johnson

    i am disappointed in the judges that voted for Astro. with his attitude he should of been sent home. Why do the call it a sing off when they have alread decided who they are going to send home I believe that the audience should decide who goes home. if judges get a decision every time then it is really them that are voting for who they want not the audience. I fee that i can no longer watch the show after last nite. They are telling him Astro that it is ok to have a bad attitude.