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When asked, Rihanna made a comment that she really enjoyed her 2010 performance at the X factor that was held at UK. This certainly is one of the reasons that forced Rihanna back to participate in the 2011 X factor event as the judge of the show. She is acting as the Judge partner for L.A. Reid in this years event.

What is the reason that Rihanna likes the X Factor show? We were aware that most people around the globe are looking for the answer to this question, so we went a step ahead to look around for the source. Rihanna made a statement that X Factor had offered her the right platform to judge the youth in UK and US and from other parts of the globe. She also stated that if it was not have been for The X Factor then it is certain that some of the best talents would never have been discovered.

On being asked by L.A.Reid, Rihanna was very much thrilled and excited. She also felt that the task was very much difficult especially if you had to judge young people who are looking forward to be the X Factor of the year. This task needs to be preformed by the Judges on weekly basis the moment they have to make their selection and elimination. It is certain that most participants certainly are looking forward to be professionals and so they get to learn a lot from Rihanna’s moves.

usxfactor.com On October - 15 - 2011