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The American Idol is one of the most popular television reality shows, and it based on searching the aspiring singers in California, which have the famous Hollywood star Simon Cowell in its judge’s panel. According to the California daytime exactly at 7:45 p.m. on the date of 19th in the month of the May in the year of 2011 it started. The famous Hollywood star Simon Cowell thinks that the audiences made the guilt only by eliminating the aspiring singer Jennifer Hudson from the famous American Television show the “American Idol” in the year of 2004. He is indeed going to do all that he can in order to confirm that this sort of error should not happen again on his latest music competition, commonly known as the “The X Factor.”

Cowell was cautious about the same mistake, which happened at the reality show American Idol. Therefore, he made the remark that the same incident will not happen again just before the start of the second round of the “X Factor” auditions. It held on Thursday at the Sears California Centre Arena in the Hoffman Estates.

The reality show “X Factor” eventually gives the honorable judges much more influence on especially which contestant advance, which contestant normally allows the judges in order to mentor every aspiring singer. Hollywood star Cowell, record-breaking Hollywood producer Reid; and the famous British pop star Cheryl Cole and obviously Cowell’s very old and most obedient sparring partner on the American Idol, Paula Abdul were in the judge’s panel of the reality show the “X factor”. All the Cameras efficiently captured each judge live arriving at the audition centre of the Sears California Centre. As soon as the judges reached the audition centre, the audience members heatedly cheered. The audience members included the reality show contestants’ families and the students of the high school classes. The interested People, who previously tried out at their level best for the first round of the auditions on the date of April 27 but unfortunately failed to qualify for the second round of the show, also got the entrance tickets to the second round of the reality show.

The reality show’s shoot in the Hoffman Estates on the Thursday indeed marked just the only second selection stop for the honorable judges, who had reportedly shot the auditions in the city of Los Angeles in this month. According to the Abdul, the selection process of Reid was as critical as the selection process of Cowell. Reid apparently miffed with this remark of Abdul, and he told that his selection style is very authentic and he even claimed that the report based on Abdul’s remark was purely rumor.

He reportedly said that he is purely honest in his job and the Cowell’s honesty has gotten pretty much of the credit for the Idol’s success in the competition ratings. Cowell feels that he should be even more critical in judging the talent now that there is nearly about a 5 million dollar music-recording contract along with the line of the reality show “X Factor.”

usxfactor.com On May - 20 - 2011
  • Sharonmccray42@yahoo.com

    I thought it was time for drew to go,i mean i diddnt understand a word she was singing,she had the mic so close to her mouth.she sung 2 songs that i understood some of the words.

  • Sharonmccray42@yahoo.com

    I think melanie,rachel,josh will be the top three runners up,marcus & chris dont have strong enough voices to win. my personal pick would be MELANIE she has the vocals to sing anything (she is blessed) and has the XXXXXXFACTOR.