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According to the latest rumours Cowell has approached Justin Beiber to participate in the new X factor USA series. There are chances that you might get to see a lot of Justin beiber in X factor series. There are also a number of rumors circling the internet and media world that Justin Beiber has in fact been requesting Cowell to include him in the Judges panel for the latest series in USA. He had also addressed the media campaign stating that he is expected to share the panel along with Simon Cowell. He also made a statement that he found Cowell was a great personality and that working with him might be a life changing opportunity for justin.

The fact that X factor is being held in US simply makes Justin feel great and that he is also looking forward to perform on the stage for the live event. So apart from Justin sharing the Judges panel there are also chances that you might get to see Justin performing Live for the show on the stage.

He also added that there might be a number of viewers who might in fact not be willing to be judged by Justin due to the age factor. Even if this is the case still there are millions of viewers who are always looking forward to see Justin Beiber perform at the stage during the X factor telecast.

A statement was also made by official website and media that Simon Cowell has in fact approached Justin Beiber to perform during the event. Simon had taken an initiative of approaching Justin Beiber management requesting them to ask Justin to give his best performance in X factor USA during the Live telecast of the event.

usxfactor.com On April - 5 - 2011
  • Sohpi

    Love Justin, we want him on the show please.


    Soph xxxxxxx

  • Jonna

    Plz bring Justin to the show!! Really I love Justin soo much and as we’re the fans of Justin we have the right to see him; plz make our dream become true!!


    I wish for u all the best luck 🙂

  • bieberfan

    I would luv to see Justin on the show to perform and be one of the judges!:)

  • rukhchar