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Likebility versus talent – Bitchy, Nasty Diva

It is certain that The X Factor is a show for talented singers. You need to keep in mind that there are a number of other elements besides talent.

It is also important that contestants should have personality and attitude to triumph. If you have been watching X Factor events, it is certain that you might not be able to forget the Sarcastic audition made by Simon.

Xander was finally asked by Simon to shut up and get started with the auditions. Apart from this he was also called as the Bitchy and nasty diva!

The moment you speak of X factor it is certain that you need to give a second tough on the fact that how important is Talent as compared to Likability. The fact is that both the factors are very much important for contestants to perform their best at the X Factor. There are 80% of the people who agree to this comment and vote for judges decision of not allowing him to participate in the events. (this statement was made on the basis of the scientific poll conducted online)

In the response to the statements made by a number of people, we had conducted a chat session with xander…..with an aim to collect his point of views about his fans. Xander added “ there are a number of fans who either hate him or love him” he is in fact more interested in being loved by his fans than being hated. He also stated that Paula Abdul had a number of fans who liked her. Apart from this Xander also added that just like Simon he would also try and build his career on the basis of Dislikes from his fans.

His inspirations Madonna, Whitney Houston, Britneys and Lady Gaga ….are all considered as Divas of their times. So, does Xander feel that he is also a Diva? It certainly is not easy to try and take criticism from fans most of the times, especially if you have been struggling to gain fame throughout the life time. there are also a number of times when you have to try and defend yourself…..xander added that this is what he is aware of.

It is certain that Xander is a very fighting contestant. His parents were murdered when he was only 16 years old. He had been struggling to stay alive throughout his life time. Apart from this he also feel that he had been a generous fighter for his life.

His feelings about the auditions He also added that he was never prepared for the grand event. He also agrees to the decisions made by the judges of the show. Apart from this he also added that he feels that the way he interacted with Simon was not wrong in the first place. It is certain that he feels that he should have in fact been more prepared for the event and selection of the songs. If he had made a better selection of the songs then it is certain that he would have emerged as the winner of the event. The fact is that after the auditions Xander has also managed to improve his fan base and received a number of proposals. According to hosts and judges, X factor is a show that selects a number of talents from around the globe.

usxfactor.com On October - 5 - 2011
  • Tuckmona

    I can not believe that you judges would put through that egotical brat Astro. His attitude is the worst I have ever seen from a contestant and does not deserve one more moment on TV. If he goes through next week I will stop watching the show. He actually made me sick to watch him tonight. I was screaming at the TV.