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One of the most talked about judge of X factor certainly is Nicki Minaj – who is amidst all the talks related to the fact that Simon Cowell is looking around for signing up with more number of American people who are in fact willing to work in the show. Simon Cowell has also made an official comment that with the present version of X factor there certainly are very less chances that viewers might in fact be able to […]

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When speaking of X factor USA, it is confirmed that L.A. Reid is going to be one of the Judges sitting on the panel. This is a statement that has been made official by X factor USA. Following the news on Wednesday related to Reid quitting the position in the program Island Def jam, The official Twitter page for X factor USA has passed this statement around 8Pm in the web pages. Apart from this, Fox also released a statement […]

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There are a number of rumors in the online world that Nicole Scherzinger might in fact quit the chance of being a participant and judge in the new X factor USA show. The earlier Pussy cat doll artist also confirmed a few weeks back that she had talks with the producer of the show and she also stated that it certainly is an honor to be the judge of the show but there are chances that she might turn down […]

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You certainly can find complete details for auditions in different cities since Fox have made an official statement concerning the details related to Dallas leg audition stage. Last month the venues and dates for Seattle, Miami, Chicago and Newark were already revealed, but the details for the auditions of Dallas were still not revealed as they were not confirmed. But they have now been revealed and you can try and view the complete set of details related to venues and […]

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Simon Cowell has made an official statement that the names for the Judges panel shall be announced within the next week, after he has made up his mind regarding the person’s who are expected to join the show along with him to share the seat at the judges panel. Cowell, who is also believed to be the boss of the X factor USA show claimed that people can expect this judges panel to be one of the best till date. […]

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