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There was an official statement made by Nicole Scherzinger that she had been speaking to Simon Cowell regarding participating in the X factor USA show that shall be held in America. While addressing the famous British show – Loose women- Nicole also claimed that she had in fact managed to contact Cowell a number of times, but there certainly has been no agreement made officially amongst them. Apart from this she has also stated that she would in fact put […]

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There was an official statement made by Cowell that he has worked out who shall be present on the Judges panel in the X factor USA show the moment it shall be launched later in this month end. When addressed by Access Hollywood, Cowell also made a statement that Music icon George Michael in also interested in doing the show and passed a comment that Scherzinger was also confirmed for claiming for the Judges seat in the panel. He also […]

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There are a number of X factor winners in the UK who have been dropped from their record labels right after the success of their very first albums. This certainly has not been able to stop a number of other audiences from participating in this latest show. When speaking of x factor uk series there are a number of participants who have been rejected by the judges till date as they have not managed to qualify for the first audition […]

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Simon Cowell is one of the most talked about persons on the Social networking website Facebook. There are talks that he has managed to introduce a new system of voting for a number of X factor USA fans in fans in US and UK. They fans shall be ale to place their votes later the moment X factor USA launches its series. When speaking of UK, the very concept works on the basis of credit system, where most of the […]

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There certainly is no doubt to the fact that X factor really works in the world of entertainment. The show has managed to organize a number of road shows for its participants from around different parts of UK and US. There are thousands of participants who have experienced the X factor Live tour in different parts of UK and now they certainly have a chance to view this tour in different parts of US. This is an event that has […]

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