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There is confirmation news by the Fox network that it shall begin with the auditions for the famous X factor series which has brought over from the UK. The audition team has also decided that the minimum age requirement for this entertainment series shall be opened for audiences 12 years of age by March 1 2011 and above. In the earlier versions of X factor the entry was opened for audiences above 16 years of age. The reduction has been […]

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Simon Cowell certainly have decided to take the X factor to the new age, but there are a number of indications that the real moment of the serial could have been passed. A number of fans are also concerned if the new X factor can manage to keep its spark alive in present time. Before we get into depth, it is certain that the series has managed to collect a big fan base in the past. For most people around […]

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X factor is one of the most talked about shows in the history of entertainment television. It is certain that with the popularity of the show you certainly might also get to read a lot about the rivalry during the show telecast. In the present show you get to come across two different types of rivalries that can be seen between Cheryl and Simon and between Dannii and Louis. It is also seen that Cheryl and Cowell often take cigarette […]

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When speaking of X factor- There certainly is a long waiting line the moment you want to participate as live audience in this television show. There are a number of audiences from around the globe who look forward to participate in this Live show. It is also certain that the show has been awarded a number of awards in the past. The show has also managed to bag around four different national awards by the television world. There are a […]

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