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Things were trully shaken up on last nights X Factor USA, with a this weeks elimination not following the past two weeks trend. Paula Abdul was relieved to hear Steve Jones call out Lakoda Rayne’s name to ensure they perform next week. Rihanna performed during the the elimiation procedure coming out of cage to her new hit single ‘We Found Love”. Onto the elimiation the bottom two were Astro and Stacy Francis, both performed well with Astro performing his own […]

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X Factor USA Stereo Hogzz

In the last event at the X Factor USA there were two different groups that were voted for bottom two position – Stereo Hogzz and Lakoda Rayne simply waited for the judges to decide their fate, while their Mentor, Paula Abdul was simply left speechless. It was also certain that Paula had to face this and she could not have been blamed for this. The two groups belonged to Paula Abdul and both the groups were facing elimination round in […]

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X Factor USA Willow Smith performs Fireball

Willow Smith; the 11 year old performer is better known as a singer, actor, a role model and an all rounder super star. It is certain that in her small age she has in fact managed to achieve what most people might not be able to achieve in their complete life span. The X factor team managed to spend some time with this young star, moments before she was ready for her performance. It is certain that there are a […]

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X Factor USA Phillip Lomax

Phillip Lomax has managed to make his way back in The X Factor show this season as Melanie Amro-style. Not as a contestant this time but as a special host for the show and shall be assisting Dan Levy for the Pre Live events on 9th November 2011. Simon Cowell also made an official statement that by asking Phillip to host the show he has not made any mistake as there are a number of X factor fans who missed […]

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X Factor USA Perez Hilton

As for X Factor, it is certain that the finals are nearing. For a number of contestants and fans it is certain that they can have all the excitement of watching it Live over their television. This is one of the factors that drives most people crazy. And so this is one of the reasons why most people are looking around for partying before the show begins. You also have an opportunity to get connected to X Factor via Live […]

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