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x-factor USA Bill Dyer & Mary Tanner

More about The age and The X factor! One thing that certainly makes the X Factor very much different as compared to any other show is that contestants do not have to follow any age limits. If you want to participate in this event then your age can be any thing between 12 or 112 years. This certainly can be very much true for two of out contestants, who did not manage to reach to the top of the events. […]

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X Factor USA:  Chicago auditions

What did judges have to say about their categories and contestants? It is certain that most judges feel the heat the moment they have to decide whom to add with them to the list of the judge’s panel. When asked, each of them reacted in a different manner to the question. It is certain that it was a mix bag of jubilation and anxiety for them! According to Paula Abdul, she was assigned with most difficult category. She also made […]

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x factor USA bootcamp

The final Bootcamp report on The X factor USA With the end of the auditions for The X Factor, only 150 out of thousands of entries have managed to reach the top of the list. You need to keep in mind that if you feel that auditions for the X factor selections were very much tough then it is certain that you can expect the competition to get more tough with time. Bootcamp certainly is regarded as the performance pressure […]

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mariah carey

Simon Cowells comments on the x factor of Mariah Carey According to Simon Cowell, Mariah Carey has the X factor element! He also commented that the Diva has all the attitude that takes for any one to be the X factor Voice. In her career for the past few decades she has managed to sell nearly 200 + million albums including videos and audios. She is also identified as one of the best sellers of the century. Mariah Carey had […]

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Xander Alexander X Factor USA

Likebility versus talent – Bitchy, Nasty Diva It is certain that The X Factor is a show for talented singers. You need to keep in mind that there are a number of other elements besides talent. It is also important that contestants should have personality and attitude to triumph. If you have been watching X Factor events, it is certain that you might not be able to forget the Sarcastic audition made by Simon. Xander was finally asked by Simon […]

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