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Simon Cowell seems to be trying to keep Steve Jones away from Cheryl Cole as it seems pretty apparent now from his actions as the X factor is setting up to go live in the United States.

There have been claims that the Cheryl Cole and the Welshman Steve Jones are getting a little too close for the comfort of Simon Cowell.

It was evident from the man Simon Cowell himself as the knowledge is quite ripe among everyone that he has a soft corner for Cheryl Cole. Simon Cowell is 51 at the moment where Cheryl Cole is just 27. Cheryl Cole who was divorced from her husband the footballer Ashley Cole has been linked with many people in the past. There were instances when she was linked with the dancer Derek Hough and then later with the person who is her manager now.

Steve Jones on the other hand who is 34 is a towering personality standing 6 feet 1 in height. He is very well known among the public as being a ladies’ man. He somehow has the uncanny knack of bedding hotshots very easily. Some of the names in that list have featured the likes of the bay watch super model Pamela Anderson and James Bond fame Halle Berry. In the latest development when the judges were lined up in a big bash that was organized in New York it was Steve Jones at one end and Cheryl Cole at the other. Simon Cowell on the other hand was placed between Cheryl Cole and Paula Abdul who is glamorous in her own right. These things only started happening after there were rather rumors than news that Cheryl Cole and Steve Jones were apparently going on secret dates without anyone’s knowledge. After this news came into the fore there was much more which shocked fans further, this was a contract that was drawn by Simon Cowell with Steve Jones stating that he should not be any colleagues in the show under any circumstances.

Steve Jones will be paired with Nicole Scherzinger, the former Pussycat Doll. These two will host the show for the United States as well. Although the show’s boss Simon Cowell has said that they will both be great for the show, it is to be seen if they will make their magic work here in the United States. Unlike in the United Kingdom the people in the United States do have a passion about what they see. This was evidently apparent with the kind of response American Idol always got among the public in the United States of America.

The other concern right now for Cheryl Cole is Paula Abdul. Right from the day they both first met she seemed to be scoring over Cheryl Cole as far as carrying their fashion statements go. When they both met first both were apparently seen in purple however it was Cheryl Cole who took the slick when she had come in an extra long trousers. During their night out both was seen sporting similar attire in red with heels that can be called neutral. Again the fashion pundit, at least that’s what they think they are, went for Cheryl Cole by choosing Paula Abdul over her. The thing that might scare her more than anything else is her possibly losing her soft spot to Paula Abdul with the boss Simon Cowell.

usxfactor.com On May - 18 - 2011
  • Sarah Whiles

    I really like the look of the final line up, much better than whats to come for the British X Factor!

  • Anie

    I don’ t like nicole scherzinger,she’s copycat

  • Flo

    nicole what a worthless spineless person you are, crap judge and artist.