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The moment you watch any episode of the X factor, it is certain that you might find it very much touching. The fact is that in the X Factor USA, most acts are there because they want to stay at the top. Many contestants had put in all their efforts to sing good song. Today the episodes have reached its peak and it is certain that to stay in the top position, most acts have to face tough competition. Apart from this a number of acts also proved that they are there to stay for the entire competition. You also need to keep in mind that facing the judges and celebrities certainly is not an easy task for anyone.

The judges also have a tough job of selecting top 16 acts that can be telecasted live. Many judges and spectators made a comment that Rihanna had a very attractive smile. Apart from this, others liked the acts of many other contestants who had given their best performance. Some of the best comments were also made by Rihanna as she felt that a number of songs sang at the event were very much emotional.

Nicole made a comment about Enrique Iglesias that he had a very pleasing voice. But at the same time it was important for each of the voice to be marketable. She also stated that he had a very unique style of judging that was very much friendly.

Pharrell was very much straight in making his judgment. Apart from this, his comments were also very much creative. He also stated for Paula that it is important for them to be constellation rather than stars. He also referred to one of the groups as cookie.

Simon was also impressed by a number of acts especially The Girls Category. It is important to understand who the judges were pointing towards and how their performances were? You certainly can watch these performances live on official website.

usxfactor.com On October - 18 - 2011