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X Factor USA brought Christmas spectacularly to the show with giant candy canes, a huge life sized snow globe, x-mas trees and even Christmas dancers wearing the famous red and white candy stripes. It was definitely a night to remember for the winner and the audience. After seeing 100,000 auditions and following the prospective hopefuls being whittled down week by week we now have the final three Melanie Amaro, Josh Krajcik, and Chris Rene. The winner will be crowned the […]

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x-factor no age limit to talent

Is Talent restricted to age? When speaking of the singing or dancing competition it is certain that your age does not make any difference if you have the talent. It is more important for you to listen to your feelings. The moment you need to know your talent then it is certain that you need to understand what music makes your body move. For a number of contestants it is certain that some types of music make them crazy. Not […]

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According to the latest rumours Cowell has approached Justin Beiber to participate in the new X factor USA series. There are chances that you might get to see a lot of Justin beiber in X factor series. There are also a number of rumors circling the internet and media world that Justin Beiber has in fact been requesting Cowell to include him in the Judges panel for the latest series in USA. He had also addressed the media campaign stating […]

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