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X Factor USA Rihanna

For the final 32 contestants, it certainly might have been very much exhilarating the moment they found out that Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger, Simon Cowell and L.A.Reid would be their mentors for the final count down. The moment they realized that Pharrell and Rihanna were to be their mentors and judge for the final count down show, things certainly turned out very much easy for them. It is certain that the entire event had in fact been very much Crazzy! […]

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X Factor USA Rihanna

When asked, Rihanna made a comment that she really enjoyed her 2010 performance at the X factor that was held at UK. This certainly is one of the reasons that forced Rihanna back to participate in the 2011 X factor event as the judge of the show. She is acting as the Judge partner for L.A. Reid in this years event. What is the reason that Rihanna likes the X Factor show? We were aware that most people around the […]

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X Factor USA:  Chicago auditions

What did judges have to say about their categories and contestants? It is certain that most judges feel the heat the moment they have to decide whom to add with them to the list of the judge’s panel. When asked, each of them reacted in a different manner to the question. It is certain that it was a mix bag of jubilation and anxiety for them! According to Paula Abdul, she was assigned with most difficult category. She also made […]

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Tweetcap – Some best moments from Newark Auditions As for The X Factor USA- the auditions have finally come to an end. We certainly got a number of good talents from the 4th edition episode. Here are a few of the best tweets we received after and during the auditions. It certainly is possible to watch the episode moments relive at the official website! The X Factor USA Judges…. @Devan Taylor commented that “Simon Cowell certainly is very cute and […]

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One of the most talked about judge of X factor certainly is Nicki Minaj – who is amidst all the talks related to the fact that Simon Cowell is looking around for signing up with more number of American people who are in fact willing to work in the show. Simon Cowell has also made an official comment that with the present version of X factor there certainly are very less chances that viewers might in fact be able to […]

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