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X Factor USA brought Christmas spectacularly to the show with giant candy canes, a huge life sized snow globe, x-mas trees and even Christmas dancers wearing the famous red and white candy stripes. It was definitely a night to remember for the winner and the audience. After seeing 100,000 auditions and following the prospective hopefuls being whittled down week by week we now have the final three Melanie Amaro, Josh Krajcik, and Chris Rene. The winner will be crowned the […]

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There are a number of X factor winners in the UK who have been dropped from their record labels right after the success of their very first albums. This certainly has not been able to stop a number of other audiences from participating in this latest show. When speaking of x factor uk series there are a number of participants who have been rejected by the judges till date as they have not managed to qualify for the first audition […]

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When speaking of X factor- There certainly is a long waiting line the moment you want to participate as live audience in this television show. There are a number of audiences from around the globe who look forward to participate in this Live show. It is also certain that the show has been awarded a number of awards in the past. The show has also managed to bag around four different national awards by the television world. There are a […]

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