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Tweetcap – Some best moments from Newark Auditions As for The X Factor USA- the auditions have finally come to an end. We certainly got a number of good talents from the 4th edition episode. Here are a few of the best tweets we received after and during the auditions. It certainly is possible to watch the episode moments relive at the official website! The X Factor USA Judges…. @Devan Taylor commented that “Simon Cowell certainly is very cute and […]

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You certainly can find complete details for auditions in different cities since Fox have made an official statement concerning the details related to Dallas leg audition stage. Last month the venues and dates for Seattle, Miami, Chicago and Newark were already revealed, but the details for the auditions of Dallas were still not revealed as they were not confirmed. But they have now been revealed and you can try and view the complete set of details related to venues and […]

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