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For this week the themes of the show were the Pepsi Challenge, which was voted for by the public and a song chosen by the contestant known as Get Me To The Final song which did not have to specific. The guest perfomers for this week was Florence and the Machine performing her single ‘Spectrum’ and judge Nicole Scherzinger who performed her new single ‘Pretty’. The group performance of the week was a medley of “Shout” by Tears For Fears […]

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X Factor USA: Rachel Crow

It was a night of ultimate heartbreak for one contestant and complete shock for the judging panel who never saw this result coming, actually no one saw it happening. The night before the contestants had to perform two songs each for the first time in the show, Marcus Canty and Rachel Crow found themselves in the bottom after America voted, Marcus Canty was facing the exit door for the third time in a row. Marcus Canty performed I’m Going Down […]

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Things were trully shaken up on last nights X Factor USA, with a this weeks elimination not following the past two weeks trend. Paula Abdul was relieved to hear Steve Jones call out Lakoda Rayne’s name to ensure they perform next week. Rihanna performed during the the elimiation procedure coming out of cage to her new hit single ‘We Found Love”. Onto the elimiation the bottom two were Astro and Stacy Francis, both performed well with Astro performing his own […]

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The moment you watch any episode of the X factor, it is certain that you might find it very much touching. The fact is that in the X Factor USA, most acts are there because they want to stay at the top. Many contestants had put in all their efforts to sing good song. Today the episodes have reached its peak and it is certain that to stay in the top position, most acts have to face tough competition. Apart […]

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X Factor USA:  Chicago auditions

What did judges have to say about their categories and contestants? It is certain that most judges feel the heat the moment they have to decide whom to add with them to the list of the judge’s panel. When asked, each of them reacted in a different manner to the question. It is certain that it was a mix bag of jubilation and anxiety for them! According to Paula Abdul, she was assigned with most difficult category. She also made […]

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