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X Factor USA - LeRoy Bell & Lakoda Rayne

Two dreams came to a crashing conclusion on Week 5 of the USA X Factor with both Lakoda Rayne being eliminated by the the public vote. Lakoda Rayne found themselves eliminated after performing Taylor Swift’s You Belong With Me. Cari Fletcher one of the girls from the band did find it a bit bemusing to be eliminated especially as they felt they gave one of their best performances on the night. The girls though are still determined to continue their […]

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X Factor USA Stereo Hogzz

In the last event at the X Factor USA there were two different groups that were voted for bottom two position – Stereo Hogzz and Lakoda Rayne simply waited for the judges to decide their fate, while their Mentor, Paula Abdul was simply left speechless. It was also certain that Paula had to face this and she could not have been blamed for this. The two groups belonged to Paula Abdul and both the groups were facing elimination round in […]

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x factor USA Paula Abdul

There certainly was a little twist to the X Factor this week! The moment X Factor team showed up at the residence of one of the judges Paula Abdul, it is certain that they were welcomed by Paula Abdul’s father at the door step. This certainly was one of the best moments for Ms Abdul, during the entire event telecast as she was joined by her father at the judge’s panel. It is certain that the proud celebrity’s proud dad […]

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X Factor USA:  Chicago auditions

What did judges have to say about their categories and contestants? It is certain that most judges feel the heat the moment they have to decide whom to add with them to the list of the judge’s panel. When asked, each of them reacted in a different manner to the question. It is certain that it was a mix bag of jubilation and anxiety for them! According to Paula Abdul, she was assigned with most difficult category. She also made […]

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Xander Alexander X Factor USA

Likebility versus talent – Bitchy, Nasty Diva It is certain that The X Factor is a show for talented singers. You need to keep in mind that there are a number of other elements besides talent. It is also important that contestants should have personality and attitude to triumph. If you have been watching X Factor events, it is certain that you might not be able to forget the Sarcastic audition made by Simon. Xander was finally asked by Simon […]

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