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X Factor USA Phillip Lomax

Phillip Lomax has managed to make his way back in The X Factor show this season as Melanie Amro-style. Not as a contestant this time but as a special host for the show and shall be assisting Dan Levy for the Pre Live events on 9th November 2011. Simon Cowell also made an official statement that by asking Phillip to host the show he has not made any mistake as there are a number of X factor fans who missed […]

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The moment you watch any episode of the X factor, it is certain that you might find it very much touching. The fact is that in the X Factor USA, most acts are there because they want to stay at the top. Many contestants had put in all their efforts to sing good song. Today the episodes have reached its peak and it is certain that to stay in the top position, most acts have to face tough competition. Apart […]

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x factor USA bootcamp

The final Bootcamp report on The X factor USA With the end of the auditions for The X Factor, only 150 out of thousands of entries have managed to reach the top of the list. You need to keep in mind that if you feel that auditions for the X factor selections were very much tough then it is certain that you can expect the competition to get more tough with time. Bootcamp certainly is regarded as the performance pressure […]

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One of the most popular Television Shows in the USA is “The X Factor”. In recent times there are lots of news are moving from peoples’ mouth-to-mouth that both the judges Cheryl Cole and Paula Abdul step out in similar dresses, but Paula reportedly outclasses her younger rival. Both of them reportedly turned up at the very first audition of the popular television reality show “The X Factor” in US, in purple. It seems both the Cheryl Cole and the […]

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After having relieved with the relative ease of the departure of the Simon Cowell from the reality show “American Idol,” Fox will eventually now turn out to be the acid-tongued talent-searching judge. The basic intention was to create the new musical talent hunt franchise for the close network with the television reality show “The X Factor.” The famous Hollywood star Simon Cowell’s popular television reality show “The X Factor” have already a smashing popularity in the Britain. The show, according […]

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