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Xander Alexander X Factor USA

Likebility versus talent – Bitchy, Nasty Diva It is certain that The X Factor is a show for talented singers. You need to keep in mind that there are a number of other elements besides talent. It is also important that contestants should have personality and attitude to triumph. If you have been watching X Factor events, it is certain that you might not be able to forget the Sarcastic audition made by Simon. Xander was finally asked by Simon […]

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usxfactor have you got it

When creating fabulous show like The X factor, it is certain that you need to put in a lot of efforts. The show is also considered as one of the best blends of all three factors – lights, camera and audiences. As the live telecast of the show shall be launched from 25th October, it is certain that the production team needs to put in all their efforts. The show is all about hunting some of the best talents across […]

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xfactor mobile app

Get Your Free X Factor App Now You certainly have the chance of enjoying the X Factor, where ever you go! There certainly are a number of people around the globe who might have missed a few of the best moments from the X Factor show. It is certain that there are a number of people from the audiences who are always interested in watching the parts of the show at their convenience. It is also certain that a number […]

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x-factor no age limit to talent

Is Talent restricted to age? When speaking of the singing or dancing competition it is certain that your age does not make any difference if you have the talent. It is more important for you to listen to your feelings. The moment you need to know your talent then it is certain that you need to understand what music makes your body move. For a number of contestants it is certain that some types of music make them crazy. Not […]

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Tweetcap – Some best moments from Newark Auditions As for The X Factor USA- the auditions have finally come to an end. We certainly got a number of good talents from the 4th edition episode. Here are a few of the best tweets we received after and during the auditions. It certainly is possible to watch the episode moments relive at the official website! The X Factor USA Judges…. @Devan Taylor commented that “Simon Cowell certainly is very cute and […]

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