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THE X FACTOR Judges Panel

The X Factor judge’s panel diversified by means of inclusion of Paula Abdul in the Simon judges’ panel. The person namely Paula Abdul is a well-known American sweetheart as well as a world-renowned choreographer. The inclusion of this pop icon along with the Cheryl Cole in judges’ panel on X FACTOR naturally very much highly anticipated all round the USA & UK. The singing series of X factor represents Abdul in the judgment panel, to seat along side Cowell for the span of long eight seasons as one of the eminent judges on AMERICAN IDOL show. Thus this series has truly became worldwide popular album series that genuinely sales well exceedingly about 50-55 million record sets.

Not only that it also encompasses as many as two No. 1 ranked albums and six No. 1 rated singles, along with one highly prestigious Grammy Award. In addition, it also incorporates a many as seven MTV Awards as well as two Emmy Awards along with two People’s Choice Awards as well as two Kids’ Choice Awards.

In the context of X FACTOR, the well popular audition series cites all kind of globally renowned superstar for the massive scale breakout of the music group. It perhaps could not be more joyous to encapsulate love for sake of cultivating true class of talents as well as top ranked performance to stage such kind of widely anticipated show for the USA residents. The most delighted, encouraging as well as grateful endeavor of sitting along side the Simon always benefited the X Factor by means of a huge margin of popularity.

Frankly speaking, the Paula is not only one of the loveliest as well as nurturing fellow that all American naturally fall in with great love but also tagged as one of the brutal competitors available in the market. These all eventually incorporates a truly great and also highly incredible as well as too much entertaining judges’ panel across USA and UK.

The high-class entertainer as well as immensely extraordinary and talented along side generous person enables great aspects of nurturing all performers. Her chemistry matches perfectly with Simon Cowell, which is truly incomparable. The auditions will hold in the city of Los Angeles and in Miami also as well as in the city of Chicago on the day of May 26. Thus, the presence of judges’ panel encourages the X Factor in a great deal for gaining the popularity.

usxfactor.com On May - 11 - 2011
  • Zena Morgan

    Simon cannot believe you have lost the best thing you had in Cheryl Cole, for USA X Factor, Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul are just show offs with not much personality, disappointed in your show in US, no sparkle.panel in UK great so far but miss Cheryl,she has the X faxtor..Regards Zena

  • Wendy

    Simon. You should have known better! Bring back Cheryl she is fantastic and you so bummed out dumping her

  • Lindadonnelly

    To the Judges
    What were you thinking last night putting Astro thur? He acted like a horrible child he is not ready for this and you rewarded him for it JUST WRONG!!!! Stacy was so much better than Astro, why do you have them sing again if it doesn’t matter who is better, Stacy sang her heart out Astro acted bad and sang bad but he went thur you need to think about this and make a change so it NEVER happens again .Very unhappy with the way the show handled this