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What did judges have to say about their categories and contestants?

It is certain that most judges feel the heat the moment they have to decide whom to add with them to the list of the judge’s panel. When asked, each of them reacted in a different manner to the question. It is certain that it was a mix bag of jubilation and anxiety for them!

According to Paula Abdul, she was assigned with most difficult category. She also made a comment that unlike other judges, she was not just dealing with single contestant. It is certain that she needs to make a tough decision as she needs to focus more on the contestants. It is also sure that she found it very much difficult to pass her judgment for the groups, but it is certain that Paula has the power to pass the right decision when it comes to judging groups.

Paula Abdul was very much confident about her act, as she felt that she was very much grateful for acting as the talent whisperer as she was very much aware of the psyche of each of the groups that was performing. Apart from this she also felt that some of the groups performed well while others did not. But at the same time she also felt that she was not let down by any of the contestants.

She also made a comment about Pharrell that he was very much transparent as he had the power to make the right judgment. It certainly is not an easy task to try to impress Pharrell but at the time of the judgment she felt that Pharrell was very much soft.

Apart from this she also added that she was also very much attracted by the performance of the Girls. Simon added that each of the contestants had their good and bad times during the events. He was certainly very much impressed by a number of contestants. He also added that if allowed them he surely would vote for at least seven contestants out of eight, but he only had to select four of them.

L.A.Reid also had the similar type of feelings for the Boys. It certainly might never be an easy task for him to select four out of them. Apart from this he also felt that he was not given obvious choice. Apart from this Simon also added that Rihanna was very much professional as she had the capacity to understand the depth of each of the contestants.

Nicole Scherzinger was offered over 30 category. She felt that the contestants were well trained for the event. One of the main reasons she felt was that these contestants felt that this certainly was the last chance they had in their life time.

So it is certain that each of the judges had to face the competition against each other. It might not be very easy task.

usxfactor.com On October - 10 - 2011
  • Lindadonnelly

    Astro acted like a horrible child tonight in no way should he have been put thur for another week what was the judges thinking, he is not ready for this …. Stacy was SO MUCH BETTER TONIGHT then Astro WHY do you have them sing again if you already had your mind made up because in NO way was Astro better.Really mad about what went on tonight not sure what I think about the show NOW.

    • Faithtanghe

      i may be 10 but i loved him and you are so mean for saying that infact i hate stacy she stinks..!!!!

  • Tuisaloo

    Paula too old fashion…Nicole showoff and I do not listen to her songs;;;L.A never perform before and too old…why listen to how you feel? No one cares about how you feel…the show is not about you…you should listen to Drew’s voice and Marcus and see who has the best voice…It is Drew that has the best voice ever…so Simon let them go and fired them…hehehe