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Simone Battle certainly is considered as a contestant who has every thing that it takes to be a good X factor for this year. She certainly has a very pretty smile, a gentle looks, nice voice and above all a perfect nature. Apart from this she is also a very smart girl who is very much talented. She aims to get back to her school to complete her education, the moment she wins the X Factor $ 5 million prize money. When approached by the X Factor team she had spoken open heartedly about her plans the moment she wins the Prize money at the X Factor. This is what she had to say……….

When asked about her guilt pleasure This is what she said……” I certainly am the type of person who is very much touched by Snapped on Oxygen show. She also made a comment that she had a special craving for scary things in her life and she very much loved scaring herself. Being a singer she has special feelings for sings and singers. She also made a comment that she was very much inspired by the magical voice of Mariah Carey and so she was also impressed by a number of sings that she had sung.

She believes that Mariah Carey had a very heart touching voice. She also said that she had a number of hobbies and collecting vintage things certainly was her favorite one. Apart from this she was also very much used to shopping looking around for some of the most vintage things. On being asked about her plans after winning $ 5 million, this is what she had to say…….’I am a music lover and admirer and so I certainly am interested in completing my education. She was very much determined about completing her Music law classes, economics and finance. She was very much interested in completing her second year education after winning the $ 5 Million prize money. Apart from this she was also aiming to invest some money in her career.

usxfactor.com On October - 22 - 2011
  • some one with ears

    Who was that guest singer did he get kicked out at boot camp ? Paula needs to teach him to dance sing n dress ,that was just crap effort a finding a star thank god 4 xfactor at least it fgives u hope there’s great singers coming in the future !