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X factor is one of the most talked about shows in the history of entertainment television. It is certain that with the popularity of the show you certainly might also get to read a lot about the rivalry during the show telecast. In the present show you get to come across two different types of rivalries that can be seen between Cheryl and Simon and between Dannii and Louis. It is also seen that Cheryl and Cowell often take cigarette breaks together during the show and are also seen whispering to each other very often. In most cases they get involved in talks the moment cameras are idle. The singer girls are also easily swept away by the attractive charisma and so at most times Dannii and Louis are often left aside stuck with their part of jobs.

There were also rumors that Dannii was on fact considering of quitting the show after the last series as she felt that Cowell was dismissive of her. In few instances she also had a number of arguments with Louis during the show. In the present show it is also certain that Louis and Dannii have decided to make up with one another and certainly are also friends at the set of the show. There was a statement made by Dannii that they have managed to clear every thing between them. It was also noticed that during the initial stages of the telecast Louis was well behaved with Dannii. You can also see that during the show Dannii and Cheryl manage to get on well with each other. They also feel that there might be a few stories about their rivalries in a number of news papers and news channels.

According to Dannii there certainly is a major role played by the age factor between as Cheryl is only 26 years of age. It can also be seen that Cheryl has managed to change her looks from traditional style to some thing that is more attractive and edgier. Besides her plum rinse you can also notice her getting dressed up in the blings and Girlies offering her with more appealing looks. The fact is that both Cheryl and Dannii share agent Jess Roberts. You certainly can read more about the rivalries during the show when searching the internet. A number of websites offer with latest news updates regarding the show and behind the scene reviews. Even if the show is having four judges still it is certain that Cowell is looked up as King of the event. The Judge has managed to install a personal chill out room at the studio of the X factor. He has also been offered with a personal relaxation room that is equipped with plasma television and personal sound system. Each of the judges are also provided wit ha personal dress up area and suit.

usxfactor.com On January - 10 - 2011
  • Eileen Greg

    i think the whole show is fixed, funny the one that Simon let go at first, and REALIZED that he made a mistake, and brought her back just happened to win. Dont misunderstand me i think Melony has a fantastic voice, I would of liked to see Josh win. But their BOTH WINNERS IN MY EYES!!!!

  • Mr Jermaine Catilne

    Honey G Get lost want you here X factor fuck you bitch

  • Mr Jermaine Catilne

    all Girls we’ll done

  • Mr Jermaine Catilne

    All. Girls well done Stay tonight