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Two dreams came to a crashing conclusion on Week 5 of the USA X Factor with both Lakoda Rayne being eliminated by the the public vote. Lakoda Rayne found themselves eliminated after performing Taylor Swift’s You Belong With Me. Cari Fletcher one of the girls from the band did find it a bit bemusing to be eliminated especially as they felt they gave one of their best performances on the night.

The girls though are still determined to continue their dream and to become the next country pop group.

In the other elimination of the night the bottom two was between LeRoy Bell and Marcus Canty. LeRoy Bell performed the Beatles song Don’t Let Me Down and Marcus performed Christina Aguilera song You Lost Me, for their final performances. Both mentor judges backed there own acts respectfully and left Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul to make the final decision. The voting caused the judges to create a deadlock, leaving Simon Cowell to let America decide the result. LeRoy Bell was given the boot due to lowest number of votes between him and Cantry.

With LeRoy’s elimination from the competition he has decided to take a break from all the mayhem which has been the competition, and has hinted he may reform his band and look at some offers which has received since being on the show.

usxfactor.com On November - 24 - 2011
  • jeanette


  • Gerglory

    Le Roy is a better singer 🙁

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WS2FHV4HB4PIRZLWZW7AFRZPRQ Wesa Ageya

    I hate that Leroy is gone when in all aspects it should have been Astro. I’m sorry but with Astro’s attitude his momma should be embarrassed and taken him out behind the woodshed as they use to say and give him not only an attitude adjustment but a good old fashioned spanking.
    With attitude like his he won’t get far. This is just my opinion.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jack-Pollard/1202523580 Jack Pollard

    Astro’s only talent is that he has a motor mouth. He should have been kicked off when he refused to dance.

  • Lalbel

    it’s crazy Leroy & Drew are gone!!
    and can they get a new host for next year, this guy is rude and has NO personality!!! please, he is unbearable to watch…..get a personality please!!

  • JAMES_94

    I HATE THE HOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/witchbrida33 paulinha

    Really, i just hate that host. He doesnt let anyone to talk. When we r expecting Simon talks some important decision, or tell the reasons for his vote, for example, that boring man, cuts him. It seems we r watching tv at the old sovietic union…horroble host, cut him off next year, please

  • Sue

    Nicole should have been the one to go home tonight. If you don’t have the guts to judge, then leave. Rachel was SOOOO much better and she is gone because of Nicole

  • Ronaldsears69

    the most stupidest thing i have ever seen…dead lock on rachel and marcas!!!!! way to go nicole u should cry …i can understand dead lock if it is that close, but if u have to sing for your life then rachel done that tonight…in my opinion if u have to sing for your life ,,,then come on and be far….who ever done the best job should stay…or leave the juges out and let america vote for all,,,thats far…once again nicole good judging …hope simon has a new one lined up for next year,because u won americas vote to be replaced!!!!

  • cathy

    i think what nicole did was very wrong there was no farness in that all…..playing with peoples emotions is wrong..marcas should have gone home,and nicole new it. so if the judging is not going to be fair,then let america do all the voting…