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The winner of the first series of the X Factor was Melanie Amaro. Who was ecstatic after winning and beating all of the hopefuls who has auditioned throughout the season of the show.

All contestants had to sing two songs one song would be a duet with a special celebrity performer and the second would be the song they sang during their auditions. Melanie performed with R. Kelly the song ‘I Believe I Can Fly”‘ which featured in the 1996 Movie Space Jam. Her second song was the Beyoncé hit ‘Listen’

On the final show of the series the contestants performed a christmas song, Melanie performed the classic “All I Want for Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey

Melanie was in disbelief after hearing her name announced as the winner, “I had been thinking to myself to prepare for Steve to say Josh Krajcik as the winner, so when he said my name, i was like He said My Name!”.

Simon Cowell was very happy with the result stating ‘I won’t lie but there’s nothing like winning, its the best feeling in the world”

Not everyone in life gets another chance at the biggest career dream in the world, which exactly happened to Melanie who was originally sent home during the judges home stage of the competition. She did admit having that set back may have motivated her more to make every moment count during the rest of the stages.

With a $5million recording contract now in the bag, what will be the first thing she will spend the money on… Melanie stated that shoes were awesome on the show but ravaged her feet, so she will be spending some of the money on “Good foot massages”.

usxfactor.com On December - 23 - 2011
  • Suniltaucoor

    she deserve to win it and another diva is born

  • http://www.facebook.com/rfdieyaan Rey Pangkoy Fraud

    Chris should have won! 🙂

    • Ortiz Luz1

      Chris Rene is the winner! He has the looks, the talent and the charisma. I love the way he sings.

  • Rick B.Williams

    i love Melanie and i love Chris-i am happy for both of them- They are now Super Stars.
    Melanie has the Voice while Chris has the looks

  • jay.

    i’m glad that Melanie won, i had faith in her all the time. so excited for her.


    Idid not think Melanie would go very far don.t here much of her like you do with some of the top singers.never thought she should of got it but Simon her


    just can.t please ever one!!right Simon????????????????????