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Week 6 of the USA X Factor will be definitely be remembered for a while. Two of the best contestants on the show also the youngest were shown the exit by the public after two nights and one of the judges left in a huff. The two nights was dedicated to the great Michael Jackson with all the contestants performing some of his well known tunes.

Astro was the first contestant to be eliminated after performing Black or White. Still optimistic despite being so close to the end. Looking at it as an achievement he has managed to make it to the last 7 competing against 200,000 other people during the competition. He had seen the signs coming that his exit was getting closer as he checked the online blogs during the competition to read the reactions of the fans.

On Thursday the final elimination was between Drew and Marcus Canty who was int he bottom for the second week running. Drew performed Listen to Your Heart by Roxette for her elimination song whilst Marcus performed Neither One of Us (Wants to Be the First to Say Goodbye) by Gladys Knight & the Pips. Paula Abdul and Nicole gave their votes to eliminate Drew after being more moved towards Marcus’s song then Drew’s.

The decision to eliminate Drew was tough for Simon Cowell to take even suggesting that he had let her down and take full responsibility. He begged for the girls to give Drew another shot but in the end Paula sent her packing, leaving Simon Cowell storming off stage refusing to speak to anyone.

usxfactor.com On December - 2 - 2011
  • Aaspsgaolar

    Sure glad to see Astro gone. My ears were getting sore.

    • Carielondon

      im glad drew is gone. she so freakin plain jane

      • Ljkinston

        wait and see she will be another Taylor Swift

      • christhlyli

        ur darn right she’s not only plain but v.boring & uninteresting personality too,delivering the same voice tone for every song wk after wk & some songs which she sang doesnt even suit her voice tone thank goodness she’s gone with the wind,ha!ha!ha!….

    • Carielondon

      me too hahahahaha

  • Fabiotjo

    I agree with you – Aaspsgaolar!

  • Wambo

    ASTRO was my favourite, sad to see him go. He has a great future ahead

  • SuBoo

    I think the public should decide who is going home. It seems like we are starting to watch a new show called “The Battle of the Judges”

    • Gugu

      Quite agre!!!! Drew is a star. The public should decide who goes home not the judges, the judges are fighting each other.

  • Kgfire751

    umm the judges are battling each other and the best singers are going home. i hate this show. the host needs to go to

  • kitty

    i think that drew is awesome i love her as a sister and i hate to see her go

  • !crazy!!!

    i think that drew should of stayed



    • Ljkinston

      I agree she will be great.

  • Joanwharton

    personally after watching drew being the person to go i realized judges should not have a choice on who goes out at this stage..they have got emotionally attached to their own contestants…the public vote should decide..this could be done by the audience in the final stages being given voting papers like in elections as they go in…not ideal but better than watching what it was like on stage last night..

  • Joanwharton

    simon for all his faults will say when he gets it wrong but you cannot change the rules midway through the competition in certain cirumstances..judges have to say what they think at end of sing off hence i suggested on previous email a possible way to avoid this..it is so hard on young contestants the way it is run now…

  • Invi

    It is really hard for the judges to make the decision. It’s better for them and also the contestants if the audiences are the decision-makers.

  • Rudylucy

    very sorry for drew,but glad astro is out

  • Rina

    I agree with SUBOO. Battle of the Judges or Xfactor judges. It is unfair to contestants as best are voted out because judges do not want to lose face with their choices. I believe because Simon still had 3 girls the judges teemed up against him. Paula all out. Nicole 2 standing and LA 2 standing. I think Nicole and Paula did not judge fairly. LA would vote for his guy. It seems the voting is about how many contestants can the judges keep and not who is the best. They are teeming up against each other. I would love to see who had the least votes between the two from the public. And then the host. Where did they get hold of him. They should have had Cat from Do you think you can dance or Nic from Americas got talent or Ryan Seacrest. This guy has no sense of humor or tact and I cannot believe they could allow him to host this big a show. I think this show has lost its purpose. Rachel should leave. I do not think she has a better voice than any of the other contestants.

  • Guest

    The two female judges do not deserve to be on X factor again – they are petty, immature and vindictive. Simon Cowell should think twice about having them on again – a judge should have experiece, objectivity and wisdom and see the bigger picture – something these two airheads clearly don’t have. To vote off a contestant because of a dislike for their mentor is simply unacceptable. Simon and LA,vote Nicole and Paula off for season 2.

    • Tonkatoy1959

      I don’t think Simon will ever let Paula go. He likes the tension between them. Paula does have the experience but I think you are right about them not being petty towards each other. It is about the contestants and always shoul be. Who is the best. I don’t think that Drew had the “X Factor” but she was good. So rather she got voted off last week or the weeks to come, it would have happened eventually. Rachel is one of my top two. It will all work out in the end and their petty competition will cease soon. I am sure of it. Chris needs to go too.

    • Quest #2

      i agree especially after Thursday 12/08/11 show… Rachel sung her heart out and Nicole couldn’t go with her heart and send the right one home…. but that’s ok Simon knows and so does America what Rachel was made of and she will go on and we will hear more about her in the future. So you go RACHEL CROW and show them your not gone.. Good luck and can’t wait to hear you soon on the radio.. love ya.

  • Lynand

    Paula and Nicole turned X F into a competition based on pettiness and spite by unfairly eliminating Drew. Fact – Marcus is NOT in Drew’s vocal league, and those two women know it! Marcus stands no chance of winning the competition, Drew certainly did. Their decision was outrageous and wrong and they should be ashamed of using their positions as judges to ‘play’ with a 14yr old life for entirely the wrong reasons.

  • Mirza Joe

    Agree with lynand, Marcus stands no chance of winning the competition, but Drew, she sure did.
    if the bottom two was drew and melanie, or drew and josh, i still can accept drew’s going home.
    But Marcus…????????????

  • Joanwharton


  • Nmsipha6

    Its true at this stage judges should not vote. The only valid votes should be from the viewers.

  • Mercy Msipa

    My 8 year old son sobbed uncontrollably when Astro was sent home. I think X Factor just lost its under 12 fan base. First Intensity and now Astro… its hard for an 8 year old to swallow.

  • McDeathUK

    XFACtor is about a RECORDING ARTIST. WHo cares what happens on stage. When Drew sings I close my eyes, listen and forget to breathe. Marcus in bottom 2, 2 weeks in a row and gone next week I predict. Nicole and Paula have no visibility of the big picture and have lost their way in their power over Simon. I am actually heart broken when I saw her (Drew’s) world crumble and not because of her otherworldy singing.

  • Mvdwesthuizen1

    Drew was my favorite contestant! She’s one of the most talented contestants and she deserved a spot in the final 3 at least! Can I just state that I’m soooo disappointed in Paula! I really thought she would give Drew a chance! But no, just like Nicole, instead of voting FOR the talent, THEY voted against Simon. At least we all know that Simon knows talent and that Drew will probably get a record deal (if she hasn’t got one already!) Can’t wait for your CD Drew! Just want to let you know you’ve got a HUGE fan base in South Africa! ***

  • Tonkatoy1959

    I was sorry to see Drew leave but glad Astro is gone. My nest hope is Chris. To me, Astro and Chris sound pretty much the same every week. I like R&B and most rap but they sound the same just with different words. Sorry, my opinion. I am glad that Chris got clean but people do the same thing every day. That shoul not be a factor for him hanging around.

    • Tonkatoy1959

      Sorry for the errors. It is hard to proofread on the iPhone

  • tash

    astro and drew both had amazing talent and shuld hav both stayd and personally by all the perfomances that everyones done i wuld hav sent josh and marcus home and kept drew and astro becaus they are both amazing and hav amazing talent and deserved to go further and i am really disliking LA for all the bad criticism towards drew all the time and nicole and Paula they defintely sent home the wrong person and so did america

  • flashgirl

    How can they send Rachael Crow home are the crazyy!! pshh nicole has to go marcus been in the bottom for 3 weeks like wat r u thinkn! ?? ur head goes blank when its ur turn to speak i dnt think u she deserves to be a judge next year.

  • Ilonabata

    Nicole what were u thinking sending Rachel home. Marcus has been at the bottom for the last 3 weeks. We still love u but you made a wrong dessision..Rachel hope Simon will build you a new bathroo, you are great and you will make it big. Love u!!

  • Ruth

    Nicole is obviously infatuated with Marcus. It makes me sick to watch. Rachael was SO much better!!!

  • bebe huseb

    i think white america votes against race and not music ” no doubt Astro s having great future ”just hope young money wll sign him up ” he in my eyes is better thn justin bieber”

  • Anonymous

    i agree about certain aspects regarding the judges…nobody should be a judge unless they are able to hold thiings together when things do not work out regarding the contestants they are mentoring..whatever anyone feels inside the face has to be put on and what is felt inside put into words that will help the contestant to move on in a positive way..