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More about The age and The X factor!

One thing that certainly makes the X Factor very much different as compared to any other show is that contestants do not have to follow any age limits. If you want to participate in this event then your age can be any thing between 12 or 112 years. This certainly can be very much true for two of out contestants, who did not manage to reach to the top of the events.

It is certain that most people who have been watching the event for past few days are aware of these two contestants. The fact is that two of these contestants had no or gray hair. It is certain that these contestants had the power to warm all our hearts. It is certain that these were also the contestants who had managed to clear the Bootcamp round. These two contestants were none other than Mary Tanner and Bill!

The 77 years old, a Dapper Dan from Venice certainly did warm the hearts of each of the spectators around the globe the moment he was talking about his very passion. On being asked the reason for his selection in the event he made a comment that it all goes to his emotions, talents and passion apart from his age. Apart from this he also felt that his age made no difference for most spectators and judges. He also felt that it certainly was nice to see how the show had given a chance for the elderly people to show their talent. It is certain that he felt that aged people also have their dreams and their age certainly does not change their feeling.

The moment he was asked what he would do with the $5 million prize money if at all he won then he made a comment that the prize money would be used to help animals as he was working as an animal activist. He also stated that the money shall be used for their surgeries, neuter and spay. Mary Tanner was another contestant who is 88 years of age and managed to clear the Bootcamp round. She also stated that she literally enjoyed the affection and love that other people had towards her. This feeling makes her feel really special.

It is certain that both the contestants did not manage to make it to the final rounds after the Bootcamp but they enjoyed their stay with the event.

usxfactor.com On October - 13 - 2011





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  • Carrielou6281

    can someone please explain why the xfactor us has different age limits to the uk. I have a niece who has been waiting to apply in the uk for years but has never been old enough!!! she is 16 in July 2012 and still cant apply next year!!!! Then in America they have 13 year olds on the show someone please explain why!!!! This is not fair!!!!