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The Journey for some average talent comes to an end

The fact is that with nearly half of the episodes of The X Factor telecasted till date, it is certain that for a number of talented people the Journey has come to an end. The show was very much successful as most of the participants have certainly performed their best as compared to others. As the show had only 17 places up for grabs, it is certain that making the final decision might have been harsh for most of the judges. You need to keep in mind that The X factor is a competition show so it is certain that some of the contestants who are not as good as others might have to face elimination.

The game show always permits only the best of the rest to continue till the final destination. Most people around the globe have enjoyed being entertained for a number of days, but there are a number of contestants for whom the journey certainly has come to its end. You need to keep in mind that even if this is the case for a number of contestants still it is certain that we might get to hear from them soon in other X factor events. Tora Woloshin certainly is one of the contestants for whom the journey has ended but it certainly does not mean that her career has come to an end. She has made up her mind that she shall keep on trying till her last breath.

Apart from her, another contestant Skyelor Anderson has made up her mind that she certainly is going to be the first singer from the Black country.

Other contestants like Christa Collins had compromised with her defeat very well. She also advised other contestants to quit the show until they feel that they are the best and unique from others. It is important that no one should in fact advice you what you have to do in the show. You need to try and listen to your heart. One of the best contestants like Elaine Gibbs was also very much sad and happy as she found that a number of other doors had in fact opened for her after the show.

usxfactor.com On October - 19 - 2011
  • maria

    she is amazing i am listening this song and cant get enough…wow!!!

    • Faithtanghe

      i may be 10 years old but i really like that song she was just amazing!!!

  • Duke

    I didn’t notice who wrote this piece but I found it poorly thought out and erroneus. More than a few should never had gone thru. NO this is certainly not the best talent, possibly the author was addressing most entertaing like A circus or ‘Americas got talent’ or? Say like Dexter or most of the group, or all the rappers, young ‘kids’ who have no business competing with groups & olders etc etc. even Your comment on what Christa Collins said in her fairwell was wrong! She said nothing about not competing….she gave a completely inspiring staement to anyone who dares to be unique! A great message particularly for our YOUTH many of who are lost or confused in today’s depressed and confusing us society…..how reckless of you to distort her unselfish inspiring message. Everything she said was good and said with premium class. I challenge others to hear her message for themselves, then to start questioning the author of this piece and more importantly the MOTIVE. because others like Catlin, J Kenny, Jazzlyn and the country boy from Carolinas….were all incredible talents much superior talents to many that were put thru. And probably the most ready to go all around performing artist was CHRISTA COLLINS, such stage presence is rare on these type of shows. And although that literally dumb judge Nicole gave her a poor song to sing, Christa turned it around and mad it her own, entertainingly moving and relevant to current times…..bet you didn’t count on Inglesias being so moved! No, you all got it wrong if this was to be a real search for talented artist… ones atleast that have the X Factor.

  • CJ

    I now agree with ‘duke’ and wonder why this XF writer misrepresented what Christa Collins said in her ‘fairwell statement’. I listened for myself her statement/message, an it truly was a message of inspiration. In fact I played it for my young teens. Her sincerity and unselfishness really comes through, a generous thoughtful message for our benefit…..all while she is probably feeling down.
    I am now wondering why so little is shown of her. I viewed her real only short performance at judges house, at it was moving and powerful, really amazing to be able to touch your soul in about 2 min of performing over TV! this just adds to the question of why XF or Fox has not shown more of her and all of her auditions/performances!?
    Those of you who read this should ask and investigate for yourselves as I have done/tried. I don’t think the best performing artists were put though, I know they havn’t !!!
    I now have a greater appreciation for ‘THE VOICE’.