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The Top 7 X Factor USA Contestants performed Man In The Mirror in a show dedicated to the ing Of Pop. Each of the finalists performed a hit song by Michael Jackson which reached audience figures of over 16 million.

The guest perfomer for this week was UK Superstar Rapper Tinie Tempah, who perfomed his hit Pass Out.

In another double elimination the person with the lowest number of votes was automatically eliminated from the competition and the other two would come back the next day to face off in front of the judges. The person eliminated first was Astro who accepted being eliminated graciously showing maturity of someone more older then he is.

The next elimination was between Marcus Canty who for the second week found himself in the bottom three and would now have to perform in the bottom against Drew.

Drew was eliminated by the judges by a vote of 3 to 1, Drew completely broke down after being knocked out, but thanked her fans and hope to show what she can do in the future.

usxfactor.com On December - 2 - 2011
  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Najib-Abdullah/1780045872 Najib Abdullah

    so disappointing! i watch xfactor only for drew..paula and nicole made it personal for simon at the expence of drew

    • chan

      do they have to VOTE for drew when simon says? No Drew did not perfom well. If simoan made mistake it is his fault.If that was Nicole ,Simon will compalin nicole..Simon isnothing compear to paula or nicole..

  • Azeez

    Astro keep it up
    nd i see u really changed from old u …

    • Sarah

      Astro is a genius – a kid writing lyrics as profound and meaningful as that? Hle is in a league of his own. Drew didnt have the looks or the sex appeal. She was lucky to make it so far and ought to be grateful. As for the obama style shirley temple – she has a good voice and a beautiful radiance but not the winner of x factor. Yeah marcus has a good voice but hes not attractive enuf……so who are we left with? Josh. Great voice – reminds me of michael bolton – compared with michael jackson, even nicole on stage…..lets face it, none of the contestants have it. its a fairy tale way of making a few million. Simon, its time to hang up your clogs – you cant spot x factor talent, your just a record producer. Boring…………………………………………………………………………………………………..

      • Maddy

        To begin with Simon, you are too old for the hair style….and despite your money I wouldnt date you…and I am hot…you’re a bit of a sleaze going from one woman to the next……..not exactly someone to look up to ? Astro is the only one who has the talent and unique ability to write his own lyrics? Everyone else just singing other peoples songs in a mediocre karaoke style….

        Astro all the way…………………………………..

        • Bionicrat

          The part where you said that ASTRO is the only one unique writing his own lyrics and everyone else is just singing other people’s songs in a mediocre karaoke style is exactly what I said when I was discussing this. ASTRO IS THE BEST CONTESTANT I’ve seen in any competition!!!
          Can’t wait for his CD to come out!!

        • M Pholobz

          Astro is not the only one possessing the ability to write his own lyrics, do you know Chris Rene is a writer as well?

  • Gelareh Mazaheri

    Devastating, I hope you read this simon. I live in london but following your departure from X factor here I started to watch the US one! The show is a mess and I hope someone can pull it together and save it. It’s too personal between the judges. Nickol trying to pull a Cheryl face on by acting all emotional and with all the rubbish she talks, La’s random comments e.g drew singing old songs! And picking on her the way he does! And Paulo seriously?! If you were so confident with Marcus, then u really really should have gone to dead lock and that would have been fair. A lesson to learn from Astro’s case is that regardless of how painful it is, it feels right when it’s the public choice and not a bunch of puppets!
    Simon it is your fault that drew got stood up that way but not because she didn’t sing an upbeat song, each singer has it’s own style. You failed because the judges you’ve chosen are not being a judge.
    1) what is up with supporting their own acts all the way? You seem to have picked the same poor view of being a judge!
    2) when you picked on Paulo’s girls dress code, she returned the favor the following week with Drew! Her dress was beautiful, Vibrant and young – this whole return of favor is happening tOo much and its Disgusting to watch.
    At first when Cheryl wasn’t gonna be on US factor with you I was pissed but then I kept saying that maybe you are being innovative, Nickol was a poor choice, dont get me wrong – she is hot and great at being a performer and singer but a judge? Really? She doesn’t have that maturity!
    Paulo didnt add much overall, mostly agreeing with the atmosphere until she decided to step down and have a real voice which was absurd how she just choose Marcus and didn’t go to deadlock at least
    La is meant to really be the God but sometime he opens his mouth and says thing that leave me in shock.
    The X factor in Uk was a success when simon was on it, because it was the perfect mix of voices, simon the real voice, Cheryl with some interesting points of view and she really got the emotions going, lowie talked rubbish at times which was funny and cute and the rest of the voices together use to cool him off. But ultimatly everybody on the panel played it fair and not by their own contestants.

    Seriously Im so upset tonight with the results, it’s unprofessional to play with young talented girl that way. And simon you and more than you the other judges owe her another chance.


    • Kgfire751

      I agree with everything you say. also needs a new host lol.

    • Stock27m

      totally agree, That was crap, Drew was so much better than marcus all round, week in week out, and the petty crap they do to get back at another judge is killing the show, at least they could do is have there petty camera fights to make the show more lively but when it comes to talant on the stage be honest and send the right person home, leave pettyness out of it.

      Drew is owed another shot

    • Gcxgrace

      I too agreed and was upset. Drew had a real chance of winning, but she was set up to be eliminated. What is wrong with singing slow songs? The fact is she got eliminated over her best vocal yet! The three of them have been bashing Drew’s song choice for weeks now. They don’t want to save her! I wonder what they would say if drew did do a dance number with fast beat. Poor song choice, so not you, don’t showcase you vocal?! And of course, comment would direct to mentor. It is Simon’s fault……again.

      It is so unfair to the contestant when mentors spent 70% of their valuable critic time on bashing each other. Not cool.

  • Wjwairedale

    how do we download songs from the X Factor?

  • Guest

    I feel that they sent the right person (Drew) home based on all her performances. Over all she can sing at a low volume and if she displayed diversity would have maybe been a different outcome.Marcus is very talented and is an all out performer. I feel that’s what the X-factor is. Not only being able in sing, but also perform. That’s why he was saved.

    • Leirdear

      So help me god i will destroy you. Every single time i heard marcus’ voice i doubt i could eat the amount i wanted to vomit.

  • Yvonne Kayie

    Astro??????????? God help us. I guess you have to have an ego to succeed but he is the reason I no longer watch this X Factor any more than I watch Bieber.

  • Maria Rodrigues

    it is time to go for Astro. he is the only one in a “singing” competition that has not sung a single note. maybe there should be a new xfactor for rappers only. what a pity to lose a beautiful singer like Drew ……….

    • mj

      Saying rapping is not singing is like saying the voice is not an instrument. Don’t take everything so literally!

      • Bionicrat

        Well said indeed!!

  • guest

    Marcus and Drew are both good singers but a lot of people don’t get Drew sound. I personally like what she did to Billy Jean it reminded me of jazz and I got way she stead in her chair. But she didn’t out sing Marcus in the battle in therefore she lost fairly. I did notice she push Marcus when he finish singing. I wish Astro didn’t leave, he has so much talent and probadly the hardess working on one the show considering he was writing his own music every week.

    • mj

      I don’t think Drew pushed Marcus, she went to give him a hug but he was preoccupied with the vote that was to come.

      I did like Drew’s take on Billy Jean but in fact have always preferred Marcus although his main song was not impressive. I loved his singoff song which had me squiriming in my seat!
      Great job Marcus.

  • Venutian_us

    I am so done with Nicole and now Paula. This was not a fair week but only pettiness to get back and Simon.

    • Hollenberg

      I agree! Especially Nicole. She does appear vendictive. Too vendictive. Possibly Simon should have given Drew another song selection. (Hind sight) But, I believe Nicole is too vendictive! It shows. Please consider replacing Nicole next season. It was apparent when she also didn’t vote for Rachael. Much the better talent! And, is my favorite. Drew was also another favorite! Also, eliminated by Nicole. Simon is still the much better judge of all three.

  • Yagiari

    Nicol & Paula are a waste of time on your show, from the word go they were catty, unprofessional and they backed each othter up. Nicol is vindictive and both Nicvol and Pauls can’t accept professional criticism from you. Thy are jusr 2 cats. Drew deserves another chance, pls. give it to her. I have nothing against Marcus, they kept Marcus to get at you. Pls. do not sign them on your next show.

    Merlyn F

  • Kernsydc

    Astro’s gone…no need to watch this show anymore…years from now he’ll be the only one anyone remembers from this show…stay positive ‘stro



  • Israelijewel

    Astro being gone is not that big of a deal.. yes he has talent but the kid doesnt sing.. and i dont like the fact that with every theme he raps… Drew on the other hand, super talented and shouldn’t have been voted off… Nicole and Paula should have just let the crowd vote.. just like Simon did the week before!!

  • Frances

    Simon is always right!!!! I think the other judges should start voting the correct way and choose people that can sing and not eliminate people for personal gain!!!! Drew is one hundred percent the better singer. sorry Marcus but you lose in my book

  • Kobie


    • Mzweik

      You are not South Africa…I live in SA and fully support and understand Drew had to leave the competition. There’s a reason why those guys are called the judges and each contestant participating in the competition has to know they might and they might not win the final prize

  • Frances

    I totally agree with Kobie – South Africa Supports Drew 100% – come on Simon you make the rules you can break the rules – bring Drew back as a WILD CARD!!!!

  • Júlio César

    Estou Triste… Adorava Drew… Sua Voz é perfeita. Ela tinha uma grande torcida no Brasil. Drew sou seu eterno fã.
    A competição está muito pessoal… Infelizmente Drew foi julgada negativamente por causa do seu orientador.
    Beijos. Kiss. I Love You Drew.

  • Carlos Junior

    Simon os brasileiros querem ver Drew novamente no The X factor. Por favor.


  • Carlos Junior

    Simon Brazilians want to see Drew back on The X factor. Please.


  • Charmainemrn

    They’re scared that one of Simon’girls will win the competition. They have together rid oh her bec.Simon is the only one who has still 4 left.

  • Gaobotsek

    I go 4 Rachel

  • Gina

    the show would Not be the same without Astro !

  • Gillmdahilig


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Umutoni-Claudine/537068760 Umutoni Claudine

    the devil the owner of the cash and the show wants the devilish contestant to be the winner……

  • Darleneterrill

    X factor is a joke. If the judges can not judge and leave it to the people, why have judges? To nights show was absolutely the worst in the history of X factor and American Idol combined. This will be the last time I watch the show.

    Darlene Terrill
    Elkton, Md.

  • Lesleygina

    I don’t think the judges were honest LA says Raclael blew marcus away but votes for her to leave whats up with that!

  • Sue

    Your right. Judging should be about who is best, not vote for someone just because he was one of his guys. As far as Niclole goes, she is a waste of space. Her vote was not against Rachel, it was all about being against Simon

  • Lesleygina

    Simon is the show he’s the best judge (honest) tells it like it is.

  • Gena124

    i think its very unfare when america is asked to vote and the xfactore fixs is already in they have decieded that marcos is the winner why bother to vote i heard LA The other night tell marcos i have your back marcos should have been gone a few weeks ago it seens to me america has him in bottom 2 three weeks in a row he cant sing and a kid like rachel was never in bottom 2 some of you judges should be ashamed of yourselfs the XFACTORE FIXS IS IN i would like to tell people to boycott show

  • Sue

    Send Nicole and L A home instead

  • Sue

    Rachael Crow was too young for this competition. Great voice but songs were much too old. A 13 year old has no business singing Satisfaction. Glad that it went to America’s vote. That is the way it should be. Nicole did the right thing.

  • Iwan Saputra

    the best jugdes so far ialah SIMON COWELL.. yang penting X-FACTOR lagi best daripda AMERICAN IDOL yang sudah membosankan.. tapi KELLY CLARKSON paling terbaik dari ladang…. haha

  • Felphillips

    I Nicole show not have let it went deadlock cause she knows that Rachel is a much better singer than Marcus. Thats why I love and Respect Simon if that was up to Simon with any other contestant he would have voted for the best singer and wouldn’t care what America have to say. Rachel you WILL BE FINE!!!!!!!!!

  • Curly_ike

    Why Chris Rene always in a save position. He’s voice totally sucks. is it just because he’s a trash collector and ex junkie that become sober because of this X-Factor competition.Common!!that’s not fair while all the good singer being sent home already. I really don’t like to see Astro, Rachel Drew and Marcus to be sent home first before Chris Rene. That’s not fair!i agree that this show is getting worse each time the good singer is sent home by the stupid voters and judges,meanwhile Chris Rene still standing there safely.SEND CHRIS RENE HOME!!!!!!

  • Rrenee08

    Drew pushed Marcus just watch it again.

  • Mäntylä Harri

    I really liked her beautiful voice and the innocense around her.
    I am sure we will be hearing of her in the future, if only she herself does not give up.