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For this week the themes of the show was Dance Music Hits and Save Me Songs. The contestants had to perform two different songs for the first time in the show, the second second was supposed to have been chosen by the public as a competition run by Pepsi by due to techinical reasons this has been delayed for next week, as result the contestants had only 24hrs to learn a second song before the show.

The guest perfomers for this week was Mary J. Blige performing her single ‘Need Someone’ and Lenny Kravitz who performed two singles ‘Rock Star City Life’ from his new album Black and White America which went into the classic ‘Are You Gonna Go My Way’.

After the performances by the top 5 the two returning to sing again were Marcus Canty, for the third week and Rachel Crow.

Marcus gave us a song which wowed us whist in the Top 11, the performance was another well done job and showed his never die attitude.

Rachel also sang a song which she previuosly done whilst in the Top 11, she performed it was great emotion and even managed to bring tears to her eyes which led to Paula standing up in admiration and support.

The elimination voting was deadlock leaving it to the american public voting numbers, the latest eliminated contestant was Rachel Crow. The shcok took everyone with surprise and led to Rachel dropping to the stage crying, Simon Cowell helped console her. She left the competition knowing that her journey has just begun and big things can be expected from her in the future.

usxfactor.com On December - 9 - 2011
  • Joseph-donofrio

    i was a big fan of this show, but after the las two weeks of how Nicole has shown this is nothing more than a racially motivated judging. Last night Rachel was beyond amazing, and to watch Nicole yet again vote alone color lines, really made me and many other very disgusted. Shame on you Nicole.

    • Jdk

      I’m not sure Nicole was voting racially. I beleive that she has a cougar-crush on Marcus and just HAS to vote to keep him!

  • Charlie

    You have lost another viewer after last nights fiasco. The only professional judge on that panel is Paula. As she stated, “Who blew me away!”. I have never purchased any of Nicole’s music and she performed in such a gutless manner last night where I will continue to never purchase anything she has dealings with. Paula, thank you for being professional –

  • Abana2


    • Hollenberg

      I agree!!! She is the reason that I watched xfactor! She is bubbling with talent!! Ask yourself, when this show is over who will I remember?
      There is too much fighting and back biting between the judges. Nicole, with due respect you need to step down. It is obvious that you do not like Simon and he has no love loss for you! No showmanship going on here! Off stag you do not like each other!

    • monique

      my personal opinion is for nicole to be fired as she clearly faked her tears and dnt see true talent

  • Julyronnei

    Also disgusted with last nights show! I really think the judges are ruining the show. The show shouldn’t be about them….it should be about the talent…..Nichol is too worried about how SHE looks. After last night…… she should be replaced! LA is definately racially & hiphop bias and can not seem to see beyond that, and Simon is more worried about selling Pepsi, and turning his wonderful talent into cheesy commercial pop that is saccharine…Paula seems to be the only judge that is staying focused on true talent and not her own motive, ego or strictly “commercialism”. Rachel Crow is true raw talent. There is and was NO question that Rachel Crow far out performed Marcus Canty every time.
    Xfactor has lost another viewer……..

    • http://twitter.com/godlywoman12 cheryl castaneda

      i like rachel and melanie

  • tanya

    if nicole is on next season i will not watch xfactor not just because of last night i just think shes a terrible judge she even made last night about her and her tears

    • jdk

      Nicole is indeed not a good fit for x-factor. As a mentor, she blatently dissed her own group and ended up doing her final four no favors in what she selected for them. As a judge, all she cares about is her own screen time. The same can be said of L.A. He spent five minutes pretending to be torn when it was obvious that he would vote to keep his own talent. The reason the other judges are dissing Simon is because they know he is right.

  • Gordt

    Shameful, the better act by far was Rachel Crow. That was poor judgement, that allowed that act to go to dead lock. That result should have been a sweep for Rachel. It was not even that close. Rachel was top 3, I thought this was about getting the best act. America as voters, you got this one wrong.

  • Indy1car

    I guess it must be my age (64), what happened to Integrity? I am not upset about who will be the last singer awarded to have the X factor. Ultimately the best, most popular singers will get a recording contract and will become stinking wealthy. I am disturbed with the dishonesty, the display of supremacy, the inability to make an honest decision. What is this show telling our children? You want Drama? OK how about L A voting for Rachel because she was has ability to become the more all around success. Wow, that would be drama. How about Nichole voting as a professional, instead of voting like fevering school girl? There are too many entertaining formats that I have to watch another, OJ court decision.
    Bye XFactor!!!

  • Athenatalent

    lst night proved that we are all happy that AMERICAN IDOL is returning. Both Nicole and LA Reed have no intergity..Nicole plays the crying game and votes aling color lines…she destrioyed a little girls dream, i hope she and LA Reed are very happy and Nicole needs to resign..

    • dannyboy

      Come on, destroyes a little girls dream what about everyone elses dream…if u gonna be angry with nicole be angry cause she has no spine no gut at all.

    • WasAFan

      Correct. Actually, LA should perform his obligations as a judge. The SAVE is for the actual performance during the SAVE!!!. Not based on Principles!! His Man!!! etc. Rachel was clearly the better performer for the SAVE and Paula was brave enough to vote in Rachel’s favor.

    • http://twitter.com/godlywoman12 cheryl castaneda

      i know
      she got rid of the wrong person

  • Mr-bojangles053

    eXcuse me but for those of you that want to rant about Nicole tending to tread along on racial lines
    haven’t you noticed that Rachel is of african american heritage. Now having said it is eXtremely apparent that Nicole is a pompous ASS that would not know talent if it walked up and bit her on the ass
    She for what ever reason has a vendetta against Simon’s girls. Let us not forget the things she said about Melanie. NICOLE YOU NEED TO GO

    • Rfc1216

      I so agree with you….Nicole, you need to go!

  • Bernieford

    if you pause as nicole goes down to cry you will se she is actually laughing but knew pretending to cry would look more heartfelt!

  • kat

    All i have to say is to those of you that are so angry………………DID YOU VOTE? It was the lack of votes that caused this……..

    • WasAFan

      While it may be true the votes did not come in, the format is for the judges to exercise professional discretion….LA and Nicole failed miserably, that’s why everyone’s upset

    • Dontstealmypassword

      Yap, vote, vote, vote for the best voice, best singing. This is a singing contest and not a song writing or dancing competition. So please use your head to vote. The best, most powerful voice deserves the vote. No fear, no favour, no sympathy, no racial bias.

  • Sharonnetanner

    vote then you talk … it was the american’s vote .. not nicole she did not choose anything she has goon with your votes

    • Hollenberg

      Remember, it was her vote that made it possible for the people to vote! Had she voted differently Rachael would have still been on the show. I just don’t believe she voted her conscience. I really feel she just dosen’t like Simon.

  • Marisayork

    everyone who watched knew rachel outsang marcus last night rachel fan or not she did nicole is the worst judge ever spineless i watched my 6 year old cried uncontrollably last night even she knew it was wrong love you rachel this was my last time watching x factor totally disappointed and disgusted

  • Rolinkgirl

    everyone pls stop accusing nicole, if u want ur favorate singer in x factor, then u better vote, she never send the little girl home. it was dead lock

    • Gordybiker

      If the snivelling nicole doesn’t want to send anyone home ….why didn’t she go to deadlock last week with drew?….she REALLY needs to go!

    • http://twitter.com/godlywoman12 cheryl castaneda

      she made it be like that she could had voted for marcus to go home

  • Marisayork

    everytime i watch the results i can help it i cry cant tell you how much i am so disgusted with nicole for not being honest and true even marcus was like what the f#*k i beat rachel what love you rachel

  • Nebula760

    Nicole needs to be sent home. She doesn’t want anybody to be mad at her. That not being a judge. By not sending Marcus home, she facilitated Rachel being sent home. If Amaro can be brought back, then Rachel should! Marcus is good but he doesn’t have the x factor, Rachel does!!!

  • Mystical

    Nicole,You need to go…I hate you!


    Nicole, The one thing you can do to save your dignity is TO RESIGN. Please do yourself that favor and leave the show! Obviously YOU can Not perform what you are paid to do!

  • Underwood7914

    I think nicole shoud not be on the show.she has no idea what talent is.she is a fraud.care about no one but herself.ohyah….stop looking at reed then doing your fake cries.get off the show………….

  • mbrady

    THe problem with X Factor is that the judges have a deaf ear to any contestant other than their own. Talent seems to come second and they don’t tend to sway or vote for someone elses ‘contestant’ other than their own. For LA Reed to say “I’ve got to stick to my principles” and vote for Marcus Canty destroys all this show is about, ‘who does the best job at the moment”…Rachel clearly out did Marcus last night and to “stick with your own man” is an outrage.. This part of the X Factor framework will lose fans and most certainly drain the authenticity of the show. If the judges stay with their ‘own’ then it is rigged from the start..

  • MadAboutRachel

    After watching Idol and seeing the wrong talent go home because of the popular vote of the viewing audience I thought Simon got it right by having the sing off. The spineless judges have negated this and the wrong talents are going home based on their performances from the night before so why even have the sing off? Nicole needs to be sent home for not doing her job, LA Reed also needs to follow the rules and vote for the winner of the sing off not his own contestant. Get it right X Factor. The show has lost it’s appeal. You may as well have three judges and just call it American Idol 2.

    • Toyin

      really, the show is not about the judges . i don’t think there was ever a time any of the judges voted for a contestant that was’nt under their mentorship,so why insult nicole/LA .Simon has never voted otherwise either. Marcus is a better singer than Racheal and Drew, Please leave your sentiments aside. y’all would’nt have done anything differently but to vote for what you beleive in like the judges have always done.

      • Willow Spirit

        Racheal was much better than Marcus. Time will tell we will see Rachel over and over again. Marcus will be a distant memory. The sing off is about talent and Rachel was the best she sang her heart out. LA and Nicole should go.

  • Hollandblank

    Nicole Scherzinger and LA Reid make me sick. Miss Scherzinger never use her brain to think. And Mr. Reid said he is “a man of Principle”…What kind of principle is that? The principle of “blindly support Marcus Canty” because you are his mentor? Wake up, idiot! You should judge base on the last performance and clearly, Rachel’s performance was much much better.

    To Simon Cowell : Well done, Mr. Cowell, I think the US X-Factor is very successful… simply because of your great vision! You hired 2 unlikable judges that make the show very dramatic. But if those 2 idiots appear in next season’s show, I will never watch it.

    • S.

      mr.LA Reid only vote for his “mans” and Nicole vote on what he say : Marcus ! and…he is very bad ! i don’t like his atitude !
      and…i allways like Simon, because he knows who is good or not (singer), in American Idol and here in X Factor !
      the best here is…Melanie Amaro , Rachel Crow and Josh…
      i’m from Brazil and i wanted to vote, but…i can’t ; they don’t left Sul American vote, why ?

  • Jtracy

    It wasn’t Nicole ‘s fault DEADLOCK you people morning didn’t VOTE for Rachael she had the least VOTES !!!

    • Dontstealmypassword

      then why do they have to sing a save me song?

  • Michael_db

    If Nicole Scherzinger judged fairly and wisely base on last night’s performance, then the true talent would be safe. Votes wasn’t the key factor that Rachel had to leave.

  • Jx

    Nicole acted like a total spineless idiot – and should resign. She is meant to be a JUDGE and she totally wimped out of a making a decision. I wonder how much she gets paid to do f*** all.

  • Bernieford

    cheryl cole should not have been sacked and replaced with the useless bimbo nicole! her fake tears dont fool me!!!!

  • Armantv

    Every contestant cannot win the X-factor. Why abuse the judges because Rachel Crow broken down in tears. Rachel, Drew and Astro are too young to understand the significance involving winning anyway. They don’t know what to do with $5 million dollars. Some adults don’t know what to do with that kind of money. In all actuality Melanie or Josh is going to win anyway. Let’s get down to the contestants. Chris Rene cannot rap better than Astro. Simon keep telling him he going to get a recording contract because “he is a white boy in the rap game”. He’s fresh out of drug rehab. He can rap a litlle and he doesn’t have a great voice. If that was Astro or Marcus, fresh out of drug rehab, they wouldn’t have given them the opportunity. What is he going to do with that kind of money, I don’t have to tell you. Old habits don’t die easy. Trust me. Lil Wayne and Drake dominates the rap game. Chris Rene is going to be as short lived as Vanilla Ice. At least with Marcus Canty, he is a performer and he can sing. All Melanie and Josh does is stand up and sing. People don’t go to see Beyone; Chris Brown; Usher; Justin Timberlake and Brittany Spears nor the late Micael Jackson to watch the back up dancers -dance while the artist stand up and sing. The artists I just named are performers, they entertain their audience. Beyonce will do the same dance as her back up dancers doing but the whole entire time she is performing your eyes his on her. She’s a entertainer like the late MJ. You don’t go to see the back up dancers, you go to see the artists. Marcus Canty may not win the X-factor contest but LA Reid is not going to let him just walk away. Without him the show would be BORING. In all actuality, who goes to a concert to see a 13 years old, a 14 years old or a 15 years old-You tell me! And to watch the artist stand up and sing, PLEASE! spare me. Who should win is Josh, he is an artist that sings well, plays the piano as well and the guitar. He is like Alicia Keyes and John Legend.

    • Dontstealmypassword

      come on, Melanie can sing too!!

  • Simonplay

    Both Reid and Nichole are not fit to be judges. If they can’t think with their heads and act accordingly, the Save Me Song has no meaning at all. It is great injustice to the contestants and to the public ! To save X Factor USA, these two idiots must be axed, or the show will be axed !!

  • Nicolass

    Judges, the X Factor Show is about finding a talent who truly has the X Factor. Only Rachel Crow has it. The rest may as well join the American Idol Show !

  • Willow Spirit

    LA Reid sabatoged the voting for Rachel on Wed nite after her performance when he said ” he heard rumors and I’m not supposed to talk about this …but I hear rumors that hollywood is just circiling the wagons around you” This was a direct ploy to let the voters know Rachel would be ok and there were potential offers out there for her — so possibly the voters would vote for his guys Chris & Marcus. If you’re not supposed to talk about something LA then SHUT YOUR MOUTH! It’s just that simple but obviously you don’t care about rules since you broke them once again by voting “for your man” after “the save song” when Rachel clearly sang better — so much for the contestant trying to save themselves when all you’re worrying about is saving your EGO and being the winning mentor at the end of the show.

    You knew exactly what you were doing WED nite by sayin you’re not supposed to talk about this…. you should be ashamed of yourself and leave the show & take Nicole with you!

    • Dontstealmypassword

      Spot on Willow!

  • Dontstealmypassword

    Fully agree with Hollandblank

  • Loopylaney

    I cannot put into words how very disappointing both Nichol and LA Reid have proved to be on this seasons X factor. L A Reid is totally focused on the rap kind of artist and cannot see anything beyond that, and so therefore he is an unfair judge to have had on the show. Nichol is pathetic. She is a paid to be a judge and should have done that, hopefully she will remember Rachel’s last sad moments for a long time, as she and L A Reid know truthfully that on the night she was far better than Marcus. Come on Simon, get judges that can “judge” fairly, without discrimination, on the next series, otherwise I shan’t bother watching. ps. Paula I like…. elaine.

  • Maplc

    I’m reading these comments and feeling rather shocked!!! I never thought that America is still so caught up in the racial nonsense…I’m from South Africa and I thought my country was bad but obviously America is worst. Rachel and Marcus are both black!!!! And so what’s this racism thing that’s on everyone’s lips??? Rachel is good but so is Marcus, he’s an all rounder, a true entertainer and a great performer indeed! America needed to vote to save their favourite and not to quickly shift the blame to Nicole and LA Reid, seemingly because they are BLACK!!! Nicole stay strong, it’s not your fault!!!

  • Eula

    Nicole you broke a little girls heart because you are a fraud and a weak ass, Simon you need to FIRE her, she had no right to deadlock, Racheal is truly a better singer thank Marcus and LA well your no better, just votingfor your Guy…come on thats not what the show is about.

  • Eula

    Racheal I am sorry that I did not tell you this in my previous post, but I LOVE YOU GIRL !!!! , and Simon, please have a heart and buy this girl her own bathroom, PLEASE…she deserves it.

  • Wendyn

    Rachel hunni.. you have fans as far as here in New Zealand.. You will go a long way baby in your singing career… Keep your head up cause you are a star. Hold on to your dreams,cause if you believe in them they do come true… XOX

  • Dickason_amy2

    okay if there was aa technical glish with the song issue maybe there was a glich on internet voting?????? Im just saying its fishy I mean America put him bottom 2 3 times, Come on??????

  • Bmoney

    Any ideas for whom the duets will be with for the final? I would love to see Eminem perform with Chris, maybe have Josh duet with a rocker/rock group, Melanie could duets with Pink or Alesha Keys, and Marcus could duet with Chris Brown.

  • Lacy

    I’ll be 1st to admit I didn’t vote for Rachel Wednsday night. If anyone here did vote Rachel. It’s time to stop voting for popularity. It’s all about the talent. Rachel was not 100% Wednsday nor was Marcus. Duh that’s why at bottom 2……Did you really expect LA Greed to vote Marcus to leave? If you did complete idiot. Nicole on the other hand basicly wimped out because she’s one the type people that she gets upset if someone dislikes her so she thought she vote where America voting be decision. Which backfired since people booed her. Also I think she was trying to get back at Simon for his negative comments Nicole just didn’t expect Rachel to be leaving…..We have to remember Rachel is only 13 and to have a powerful voice at that age just imagine what it’ll be like in 2 or 3 yrs……I think the save me song is stupid its obvious for judges they vote for who they like, mentoring or who they make a label with. NOT TALENT.

    • http://twitter.com/godlywoman12 cheryl castaneda

      who do u like then

    • S.

      it was the third time that Marcus was less voting, then…why he didin’t left ???

  • http://twitter.com/godlywoman12 cheryl castaneda

    i loved u rachel u did great i voted for u and melanie i hope u can get a record when u do i will buy it god bless u sence u gone now im going for the only girl u did great for ur age and i liked drew to but she gone to

  • S.

    I think that Melanie Amaro, Rachel Crow, and Josh…(?) are the best of this season !

    but…LAReid only vote for Marcus, and is the third time that he is less voted; WHY he didin’t left the show yet ?
    I like Simon because he knows who is the best !
    but…the others…only vote for who they like and not for talent !
    sorry…i didin’t like that Rachel Crow is out !

    • S.

      i’m from Brazil and i liked to vote, but…they don’t let Sul America vote ! why ?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kenia-Ogazon/1176261521 Kenia Ogazon

    OMG!!! i cried so much (im from mexico cuernavaca morelos to be exactlly) marcus should be out of the x factor not rachel nicole u did wrong the stupid desicion uve maked , the good thing its that we still have melanie amaro hope she wins!!!! bring back rachel please

  • DSDJ

    Simon you are the best judge, an if you are a fair judge you must bring Rachel back. Nicole shouldn’t be there she only does a rubbish job, I don´t think she even knows what is that she has to do I guess she is just using the X Factor to become popular, bringing drama to the show and LA Reid you suck . Isn´t this show about fiinding new great telent? How did you choose Marcus over Rachel there is no way he did better than her, so do the job you are pay to do.

  • Samuel Tadesse7

    i’m never saw a performance like what rachel Crow done tonight and i will not forget it ever

  • Samuel Tadesse7

    i’m never saw a performance like what rachel Crow done and i will not forget it ever. obviously this is the best performance ever
    and i really hat Nichol. i think she (Nichol) don’t know what is her responsibility. i don’t wanna see her again