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X Factor USA brought Christmas spectacularly to the show with giant candy canes, a huge life sized snow globe, x-mas trees and even Christmas dancers wearing the famous red and white candy stripes. It was definitely a night to remember for the winner and the audience.

After seeing 100,000 auditions and following the prospective hopefuls being whittled down week by week we now have the final three Melanie Amaro, Josh Krajcik, and Chris Rene. The winner will be crowned the winner of the first season of the X Factor and take away a staggering $5 million recording contract with Sony Music and will be on there way to be a global superstar thanks to Simon Cowell.

For this week the themes of the show were a duet with celebrity performer, audition song and a christmas song.

The guest performers for the final were Justin Bieber who performed two christmas songs, ‘The Christmas Song’ with Stevie Wonder and ‘Santa Claus Is Coming to Town’ with Week 6 finalist Drew. Leona Lewis performed her rendition of the hit Snow Patrol song “Run”, 50 Cent dueted with Astro on ‘Wait Until Tonight’ and ‘In da Club’ and the last performance of the night was Pitbull & Ne-Yo performing with semi finalist Marcus Canty ‘International Love’ and ‘Give Me Everything’

The group performances of the week was ‘They Don’t Care About Us’ with Cirque du Soleil’s Michael Jackson, “The Edge of Glory” by Lady Gaga which was performed by all of the 12 finalists and a special duet was performed by Melanie Amaro and Josh Krajcik who sang ‘Heroes’ by David Bowie.

The first songs performed by the three finalists were all duets sang with a celebrity performer.

Josh Krajcik performed with Alanis Morissette the song ‘Uninvited’ which featured in the 1998 City of Angels Movie.

Chris Rene performed ‘Complicated’ with Avril Lavigne

and Melanie Amaro performed with R. Kelly with ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ from the 1996 Movie Space Jam

The winner of the $5million contract was announced as Melanie Amaro, who performed her audition song, which brought many plaudits and attention to her great vocal abilties singing ‘Listen’ by Beyoncé

usxfactor.com On December - 23 - 2011
  • Jtaba58

    I personaly feel it was all pre arranged from the begining by Simon. What a coinsidence that it was such a big deal by Simon to send her home then she wins. But its Simons show and I’m sure he dosnt likee to loose. Also whats up with the telephone lines being busy so you couldnt vote, on a show that is that big!!!! Makes you wonder!!!!!!!!

    • slmn

      It was a fair win Jtaba!!

    • Anonymous

      From Sweden

      Josh Krajsic was the best.
      Of course the girl was great but not in My ears better than Josh.

      • Pedro

        Josh was the BEST!!! absolutlly! but sadly america voted melanie… in this kinda contest, the first season is used to be won by a girl

      • Ortiz Luz1

        I think that Melanie and Josh have nice voices but lack the charisma, the spiritual connection with the fans that Chris Rene has. Chris is super talented. HE will sell more than anyone else. Hew was the true winner and should have won!

        • Anonymous

          Like we say in Sweden.
          I belive that his voice was one of the worst in competion.

          I like him alot but not his voice.

    • Cynthia

      I don´t think so that.
      That´scorrect, it was a big coinsidence but really Melanie is amazing.

  • Michelle

    melanie am so happy for you,congratulation
    from michelle,,enjoy your self

    • kyle joseph b reyes

      i like the us x factor yeah!!!!! but american idol is the very best!!!! ^_^ Oh YeAH 🙂

      • pedro

        both shows are different… i like to see mentoring…. but i have to admit that the new American Idol version (JLo and Steve) is so much better than the old version

        Nicole I LOVE YOU

  • Paulbeth1

    thanks america for the ardent decission for melanie amaro which i am the very supporter of the new superstar of the year.” more power to her and god bless.”
    paul/beth masketer

  • Pedro Gauna

    lo qu eme gustaría resaltar es el papel de Nicole, quien pasó de ser en X Factor UK una jurado invitada a ser LA Mentora por excelencia en esta competencia!
    Nicole you are great, you have a tremendous heart, you know how to sing, and your are still a borning star! keep moving, and your fans will keep supporting you!

  • Monica Nyman

    there was 2 persons that i thought from the beginning that could win this. they were josh and melanie. melanie for the best voice ever and josh for his hugh personality and wonderful joe cocker voice ! im happy with the results ! america seems to know music ! 😀 best regards from Finland nothern Europe from Monica

  • Rex_azul

    Josh is big, you are real winner Josh. I don´t happy whit results. Lived to king Josh Krajcik,

    Josh eres grande, tu eres el real ganador. no estoy contento con los resultados, viva el Rey Josh Krajcik.

  • Ruslana

    Hi, I was watching XFactor from Poland. I loved it VERY MUCH, I enjojed listening to very strong voices, talented competitors. I am very happy that Melanie is the winner – she is the best, she has the best, the stronger voice, her every song touched me deeply. She looks like a star. CONGRATULATION, Melanie!

  • Ssg27

    now that contracts are over what was with the SABOTAGE of the group ‘ILLUSION CONFUSION”? lets see,they rocked their audition in miami(they were on just before melanie)they got TWO standing ovations paula said” i’d love to bathe in illusion confusion’ Simon said ‘you are the best group in the competition by far,and you in the middle(referring to the tall one)are a genius !!! the crew were taking bets they’d easily be in the finls,were used HEAVILY during promo commercials,they made it all the way to judges house yet something happened as even noticed by Yahoo music critic Lyndsey Parker who wrote in her article a few months back(judges house part 2) that she thought they got screwed as they were the ONLY ones out of the 32 acts that had their performance interupted,everyone else sung undisturbed yet they had a talking interview edited over theirs. these guys WERE Paula’s favorite. even her face of displeasure that aired during their performance was edited in from another group she had watched. Pharrell told them they were the best and the decision was “out of his hands” even the tall guy from the ‘stereo hoggz’ told them “you guys beat our ass”!!why won’t xfactor put up their original miami audition? did someone in production get insulted mistakenly by one of them, were they a threat to another contestant that were being pushed by production to win? TMZ even contacted me wanting to do a peice on them a they also noticed the same thing. i think xfactor owes it to these guys to put up their miami audition and let the world see the best audition from xfactors fist USA show. post it on the xfactor site as a lost audition etc. or run it during this years show !!

  • Brianna Reyes

    I wish that that girl jillian Jensen would stay :(… but im glad the Jennel Garcia came though well ok

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003538297317 Brittany Nicole Rutledge

    cece frey

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003538297317 Brittany Nicole Rutledge

    cece frey needs to win

  • Dima Kostiuk

    Hello. My name is Dima Kostyuk. I am 22 and i’m a musician from Ukraine. I write to you, because I really need your help. In my country it is very difficult to develop creatively, as a musician, as society thinks Soviet stereotypes. The songs that I write are not accepted in our society, especially now that the country is a war and people’s thoughts are occupied more than survival, because the standard of living in the country is falling and life becomes very difficult. I am not the son of wealthy parents, I’m a simple guy from a normal family and I have no way to properly record my songs in the studio, but all I want from you – is that you listen to my songs and told your opinion, and I would be very appreciate for any help and support from you. Thanks, and i hope that you will read this letter.